Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Fitness Plan!!

So its February 1st and I've spent the last month working on myself.  Not because it is a new year, but because as much as I've been dieting, trying to eat right and exercise, my weight wasn't coming down.  So, after my husband was diagnosed with diabetes and he also decided to get serious with his nutrition, I decided to make some changes as well.  I've done my best in the past couple years in trying to workout several times a week.  I've been a beachbody coach for over a year, mainly for the discount.  Haven't really had the time to dedicate to the business side of it, although eventually I may try it again.  While on beachbody, I struggled with following the nutrition and not because it was hard. I struggle with coming up with meal ideas and at the time my husband was not on board, so I would come home from work to eat whatever he wanted.  Chipotle, Wendy's, pasta -  all bad to have daily.  So now that he is focused, he reached out to his nephew, who is a great personal trainer with lots of success in getting people to lose weight.

We started following his meal plan Christmas week.  I know - the worst time to start a diet, but we did!  This week its been about a month and I'm so so happy to see that I've lost 10 pounds!!  I follow his meal plan, once in a while make a small change but nothing major.  I'm also doing the Beach Body Country Heat program in the morning and then after work I go to the gym with my husband and we do some treadmill and weight training.

My plan is to share with all of you my progress and I will be sharing progress photos soon.  So stop by again to see my weekly posts.  I will update you on my weight, training, nutrition and how I'm feeling.

Have any of you started a new fitness or nutrition plan?  How is it going?

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wordless Wednesday ~ Disney Weenies :)

So for today's theme for Wordless Wednesday is Disney I thought of putting a picture of myself...LOL - too afraid to ride certain roller coasters, hehehehehe!

But, I learned from Deb at Focused on the Magic that "A Weenie is what Walt Disney and his Imagineers called the iconic structures or focal points in each of the Disney parks and lands. They are big enough to be seen from a distance and interesting enough to draw you closer for a better look."

So, here are 3 of mine:

I would love to see your favorite Disney Weenies!  Go visit Focused on the Magic & link up!

Focused on the Magic

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Wordless Wednesday~January 2018

A day late, but here is my Calendar Shot!!  Love Fireworks & at Disney they are so much more Magical!!

Focused on the Magic

Monday, January 1, 2018

Bye, Bye 2017....Hello 2018

Well, here we are! January 1st 2018.....another year gone by.  2017 wasn't all bad...we had our fair share of trips, new adventures and lots of family time!! 

I have some plans for my own goals with life, fitness and this blog :)  so stay tuned!

Here is my year end review of our lives.....2017 was a blast!

Can't wait to make more memories in 2018!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wordless Wednesday Challenge - Favorite Disney Sidekicks

I'm a huge Disney fan and LOVE all of the characters, but if I had to choose my fave sidekicks it would be Goofy & Minnie!!

I don't have a specific reason for them being my fave, they just are! 
If you'd like to join this Wordless Wednesday hop, click the picture below to go over to Focused on the to join!

Focused on the Magic

Washington DC - Day 3

OK- so I'm going to finally finish this trip report.  Cannot believe its taken me this long.

Our last day in DC was spent at the National Museum of American History.  Baby girl finally got her chance to play around at the Spark Lab.  After we were finished here we continued to check out the rest of the museum.  There were so many things from our history to look at and enjoy.

Here are some pictures from our day at the museum:

That is all for now, hope you all enjoyed the pictures from our trip.
If you are within driving distance to Washington D.C. and are looking for a weekend trip that won't hurt your wallet, I highly recommend visiting D.C.
Not only is it economical, but it makes learning fun.  My 11 year old daughter really enjoyed herself.

I do hope to go back being that we didn't get to see the monuments due to the rain that came in on our last day!

New Fitness Plan!!

So its February 1st and I've spent the last month working on myself.  Not because it is a new year, but because as much as I've been...