Monday, August 4, 2014

Half Way thru the Summer!!!

We are in August and I don't feel like we have had a summer to enjoy! Baseball took up the whole first half, but I'm not complaining (much)! Its been fun, and I love that it keeps my son busy & moving during these weeks....if it wasn't for baseball, he would be tied to his xbox 24/7!

He played with his travel team, NJ Yankees, every weekend and when he had time he would join the town team, WNY Tigers!  The Yankees did a good job, and the Tigers did an even better job!  They made it to the Regionals tournament in NY by winning the State tournament.  They almost didn't get there, thanks to the town claiming it had no funds in the budget to send the boys to Troy, NY for the Regionals.  These boys teamed up and exercised their freedom to stand up for what is right, in a peaceful manner.  They gathered in front of town hall waiting to speak with the Mayor, who wouldn't come out to face these boys who worked very hard all summer to get to where they did.  This is a small town, low-moderate income families and therefore depend on the support of the town to keep some funds for the recreation department.  After several hours of waiting, the police coming by to question them, finally one of the commissioners came out!  He offered to put some money in and call some of his friends or connections to try to raise the money.  Eventually, the mayor himself made an appearance and also offered money out of his own pocket to help these kids.  By the end of the night, the collected more than they needed and the next morning, at 5AM, they were off to Troy, NY.

They lost the first game, won the second and lost the third which meant they were eliminated.  They came home a day later, but the experience alone was worth the trip.  Hopefully in the future the parents can come together to raise the money by hosting fund raisers, but I guess at this point we'll worry about that next Spring!

Now to enjoy our summer!  1st weekend with nothing to do and we did exactly that - nothing!  Hubby was bored out of his mind, but I was enjoying the time at home.  Nowhere to rush off to, nowhere important to be, just home cooking, cleaning & relaxing.  The weather was partly to blame but I'm glad.
The next 2 weekends we will have a few things to take care of and prepare for our vacation!! Florida here we come!!!  I can't wait to be on the road heading down I95 :)  This is one time I won't mind being up at 3AM.....LOL

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Total Fail!!!!

Well this week has totally sucked!!! I'm still eating my fruits & veggies but for dinner I changed it up this week and I guess due to that I didn't lose anything at all!!!  

I also had dinner at a restaurant on Thursday with my sister and her family here are visiting from Florida - that meal alone was 1200 calories! What was I thinking! Oh well - lucky for me I don't dwell too long on my mistakes and just try to do better the next day! :)  *shrug* and keep it moving......

Now my biggest challenge has arrived - THE WEEKEND! BASEBALL GAMES!  I NEVER eat healthy or keep to my calorie count on the weekends - I always give into the temptation - cheese fries, chips, soda, burgers.....and it goes on & on.  I already had breakfast which consisted of 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of bacon, 1/2 a roll and my coffee - already a cheat, LOL.  I do, however, plan on packing my cooler with salads & fruits for the remainder of the day - no more bad stuff for me!
Keeping my fingers crossed and hope I don't fail again!

Weight log:
7/4: 177
7/12: 179 (yes-I gained :( time to step it up)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Eat to Live!!!

Well, here we are another Monday and another day for me to struggle with my meals and weight loss.  I tried Herbal Life a few months back but couldn't stick to it.  I just couldn't do 2 shakes a day along with the tea - it just didn't work for me so on to the next.  I gained weight after that and haven't really done much until recently.
One of the baseball moms told me about a book, "Eat to Live" and she asked me if I'd be willing to try this lifestyle change with her.  I was and am worried about being able to keep up an all vegetable & fruit diet but I told her I'd do it and take it day to day.  I won't commit 6 weeks - so I started last Monday.  It wasn't easy, and Monday I even went to bed hungry but as the days went by it got better and easier.  Ofcourse the weekend was a disaster, but that's ok!  I'm back on it today.

All I eat are fruits and veggies (greens, beans).  I just need to use the cookbook that goes with this book to get more meal ideas - I do get bored of eating the same thing every day!

If you are looking for a healthier way of eating, I highly recommend this book.  Its not only for weight loss, it is a full lifestyle change!  Dr. Furhman highly believes that eating a plant based diet is very effective in preventing diseases and staying healthy.

So far I'm doing good - lost 3 pounds the first week.  Here I start my second week - anyone want to join me?

6/4: 177

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy July 4th Weekend!!!

A bit late but hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July!!  We spent it at a friend's house and watched the fireworks on tv - for us it really is the best view!

I've been so busy with my son's baseball season that I haven't much time for anything else!  Every weekend since last month has been baseball, and this will continue through the end of July.  At times we do get tired, and I hate seeing my house turned upside down, but I'm enjoying every minute.  We probably only have this summer & the next with these baseball games as my son only has 2 years left in highschool.  Everything will change once he's in college so I am enjoying every minute of this crazy schedule right now.

Both kids finished school & moved on to the next grade, baby girl finished up her dance classes and will attend 2 weeks of dance camp.  My son has continued to play ball - HS and now travel on 2 teams!  This should be a great summer.

As much as I am enjoying our baseball weekends - I am also looking forward to August!  Baby girl's birthday celebration, a baseball showcase and VACATION!!!!! I've already started planning our vacation - we will be driving to Florida, stopping in NC to see my newborn nephew and continue on our way to see my FL family!!!  I may be adding some surprises along the way - and I'll be sure to report it here!  This should be a great vacation - as long as the weather cooperates.  I am taking my 2 nieces and nephew along - this will be their first trip to Florida, so I can't wait to get them there!  This will be a vacation to remember!

OK - this is it for now.  I gotta get back to cleaning my daughter's room - it is a disaster in there!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

15 Years of Being a Mom!

So its Sunday, just another Sunday....oh wait - its Mother's Day!! Well, it is just another day right after all the "Happy Mother's Day Mom" and little surprises that my daughter makes me!  My son is 15 and doesn't make me all the cutesy little Mother's day crafts that he used to so now its all up to my baby girl :)
Hubby will make breakfast.....but that is our normal weekend routine anyway!

We'll probable head out somewhere - nothing planned yet, but I'll write about that later.  Right now I just feel like looking back on my last 15 years of being a mom.

 Best day of my life, the moment it was changed forever!!!
 My baby boy - lots of good times, with some tantrums thrown in every once in a while 

 Here I am doing it all over again......welcoming my baby girl to the world!

 a glimpse of the annoying son refusing to take a pic, aaaaahhhhhh
 But overall its been a wonderful 15 years and I look forward to many more!! I love my kids - yes they like to challenge me, question me, push my buttons but on the days that they behave and act so lovable and affectionate with me - all else is forgotten! LOL.....I adore my kids and can't imagine my life without them!!
I am very proud to be their mom!!!

Now I would like to take this part of my post to thank some special women in my life that have made me the woman, daughter, grandaughter, sister, wife and mother that I have become!

First up my mom!  We've had our issues but I love you like no other!

My grandma on my dad's side - I adore this woman.  She taught me well and spoiled me all at the same time :)

Had to add another pic of my mom, this time with my 2 younger sisters!

My grandma from my mom's side - another strong woman who also taught me many things including the value of family

and finally, my stepmom - she came into my life when I was 9, and although a bit rocky at first, she has become a wonderful mother figure and great friend in my life!

Thank you to my grandmothers, aunts(who I failed to include here but love you both just as much), and my moms ~ I am blessed to have you all in my life!!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!!


Happy Mother's Day to all my follower/readers!!!