Wordless Wednesday ~ The Letter "I"

Hi all!!! I'm joining in for another Wordless Wednesday.....this one was a little bit tough for me, as I couldn't find anything I can use "I" with and nothing that began with "I" until I got to my Epcot pictures!!


Italy!!! Waiting for our ADR time at Tutto Italia
Having ice cream and a bellini in Italy!!

Hope you enjoy my few pics-stop on over at Focused on The Magic for more Wordless Wednesday Fun!!!

Focused on the Magic


  1. I recall the Illuminations show from Epcot. Loved the show. Had a great time in the park with a bunch of friends. You have got some lovely pictures from there.

  2. Ice Cream my favorite~!Love all your photos.

  3. Great "I" shots! You came up with beautiful pics! Love Illuminations and that ice cream looks yummy! Thanks for sharing and for joining in the DWW Blog Hop fun today!

  4. Oooh great shots of Illuminations, I especially love that "fiery" one!

  5. Love ice cream at Disney. Great memories of your time in Italy :)

  6. The fiery Illuminations shot is awesome!

  7. Wow - that 2nd Illuminations shot is amazing! I went through the same thing... was pretty slim "I" pickins until I got to the EPCOT shots :)

  8. Awesome Illuminations shots! Ice cream in Italy is always great!

  9. Cool shots of Illuminations! And of course, Italy and Ice cream are perfect. I noticed that I was lacking a lot of "I" pics until I got to Epcot as well ;)

  10. Love the illuminations shot! I hope to see that sometime really soon in person, b/c I doubt youtube does it justice!


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