Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekend Ups & Downs & Fun!!

Finally the weekend.  I've had one hell of a week.  Work has been crazy busy, my life, as usual, is exhausting and my bills are out of control.  I just can't keep up.  At times I feel like I'm suffocating!  So finally the weekend is here and I'm hoping to relax a bit and try to take my mind off of everything.  Saturday started off as usual - I worked out and then hubby made an awesome breakfast for us all.

Then we went to drop off my daughter and her friend at dance class, then we had to go to the barber shop for hubby & my son, and then we had to get oil at Sam's club for hubby & my son to do the oil changes on both of our cars.  Then we get on the conversation about moving and all these changes and I just broke down.....LOL!! I laugh now but I have no idea why I've been so emotional this week.  I know that I don't want to move out of NJ yet because I want my daughter to finish school here, but all I've ever dreamed of was moving to Florida.  I also know that now that hubby does want to move, it won't happen right away and we were just talking but there I was, tears flowing!  I couldn't stop and I really don't know why.  I've been so moody and tired lately, and Saturday I just broke down.  I guess this is what I needed....I just needed a good cry for no apparent reason.  I left hubby and my son at our old house so they can do the oil change on one of the cars, and I headed home to clean and cook dinner.  I cried all the way home, but then turned on my music and got to cleaning.

The boys got home a little while later with the girls, baby girl and her friend that was sleeping over, and we sat down for dinner.  After dinner, we searched for tickets to the Beauty and the Beast movie and luckily we were able to find tickets.  I was so happy and the girls too!!

Sunday was a little bit better, I woke up and hubby was up already so he made us breakfast for us.  More Mickey pancakes, eggs and bacon....yum!!  The girls woke up a bit later so we made them breakfast and then I took them to dance class.  When I got back home I decided to run the treadmill.

After my run, I made my son breakfast and then got on Beachbody on Demand and did my yoga fix from the 21 day fix program.  It was a bit tough and hard for me to relax at first but when I was done, I was so glad I did it.  I felt great!

Hubby was watching Cannonball Run so I joined him.  Soon hubby had to leave to pick up our daughter from dance, so I took a nap and when my son left for work.....I decided to go soak in a hot bath!

But first some coffee.....LOL!  Earlier in the week we had stopped at this bakery in town, Sweets & Cortaditos, and they had this espresso called cortadito bon bon.  It was espresso with condensed milk!  OMG!!!  It was amazing!!
So, I made it at home.  Just what I needed this afternoon, YUM!!!
Ofcourse - a little Disney touch!

Now I'm ready for my bath.  I used the little bit epsom salt I had left, and then used a capful of my aching muscle super soak that I bought while we were in the Bahamas last year.

It was so relaxing!  We watched movies and our regular Sunday TV Shows....and that's how we end our weekend!
I'm feeling relaxed and recharged....ready for another week!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Beauty & The Beast Movie Review!!!

This weekend we went to see Beauty and the Beast.  I've been dying to see this movie since I first saw the trailers.  I have to say it was everything I was expecting and more.

Emma Watson was perfect as Belle, I loved everything about her.  Besides the fact that she looked just like the animated version of Belle, she was relatable and sympathetic. She also did a great job signing, I absolutely loved her musical numbers.

The Beast was also very impressive.  Dan Stevens was also great at portraying the Beast, but his costume was amazing.  It looked so realistic. He really did an amazing job showing his anger and his sadness throughout the movie.

The entire cast was great.  The effects were amazing and the costumes were beautiful, all exactly like the animated version that I love so much.

I have nothing negative to say about the movie.  I would watch it over and over again if I could!  The acting, the action, the costumes and musical performances were all amazing!
I especially loved the ballroom scene when Belle and the Beast danced - it was so beautiful.

I'm still singing....A tale as old as time.......

LOL!!  Can't wait until its out on DVD!

Have you seen it yet?  What did you think?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

NJ is Shut Down!!!

Yes, leave it to mother nature to give us one last surprise before Springtime - another snowstorm!  Stella came in with a vengeance!  20+ inches in the tri-state area and super high winds.
Now that I live on the 9th floor, we really hear the wind.  Its crazy & scary all at once!

I stayed home and it kind of sucked because now I have one less sick day at my disposal.  There was no way I was going out in this blizzard, plus the governor did say that we were in a state of emergency so no non-emergency vehicles were to be out.

Aside from using my sick day, I had no problem staying home today.  I actually feel like I needed it.  I did absolutely NOTHING!  Nothing, nothing, nothing and I loved every second of it.  I made hot chocolate in the morning for my kids, then rented Step Up to watch with baby girl.  We watched Step Up Revolution the last night, so we were in the mood to watch how it all started.
After that I watched some youtube, worked out to my 21 Day Fix (can't skip a workout) and then took a nice, hot epsom salt & lush bomb bath!  Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

It was lovely.
Then I was back in my pajamas....yes it was an all day pajama day.  I wasn't going anywhere so why get dressed!

Hubby went out to shovel snow and brought home some Chinese food, so we ate and then back to watching movies.  We started watching Blended on Vudu but the site must have been having issues - it kept buffering.  So we took that off and looked on Time Warner's On Demand and found Big Hero 6 so we rented it and now are watching that.

I'll be getting ready to sleep soon since tomorrow I will be off to work bright and early.  I just hope the streets are clean tomorrow!  

Hope any of you that were snowed in enjoyed your day!
Stay Safe!!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Westgate Town Center Resort ~ Review

Last month we stayed at the Westgate Town Center Resort.  I traveled here with my husband and 11-year-old daughter so we rented the Studio.  It was actually a 1 bedroom with a full bathroom/jacuzzi tub, a kitchenette and living room area with a sleeper sofa.  We also had a covered patio overlooking the lake.  

The kitchenette was nice and convenient although I did miss not having a stove.  The decor was a bit outdated and the bed sheets didn't look clean.  They were clean and everything smelled nice, but I think this room, and I imagine other rooms like this one, could use some new linens and some remodeling.  

The property was beautiful.  They offer various activities for guests, but the cost depends on whether you are an owner or a guest.  We were going to stop by the Shipwreck Island water park which looked awesome, but it would have cost us $20 per person, but it would have been free if you were an owner.  There are many other activities, like movies, video games, swan paddle boats and much more.  There are many pools throughout the property and we went to the one nearest our room.  It was nice, just a standard pool and we had a good time.  

There is a marketplace and various restaurants.  The marketplace had many things to choose from, great for stocking up your room with food, drinks and snacks.

This property is a time share property and they offer tours of the property if you are interested in possibly becoming an owner.  

Overall, Westgate Town Center was nice.  I don't think I would stay here again with so many options in Orlando, but if you are looking for an affordable, apartment-like resort with plenty of amenities on the property then you should stay here and try it out for yourself.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Well.....its been a really long time.  My life has been a bit craaaaazzyyyyy these past couple of months.  Lots of changes but that I will leave for another day.  Today I want to tell you about my return to running!  Time has not allowed me to run, but some time last year I had signed myself and my daughter up for the Disney Princess 5K.  I knew it was coming but I never made the time to get on my training.  And then here was February - Uh-OH!!

Now, thankfully my hubby purchased the flights in January.  We were tight on money so this would be a quick trip to Florida.  We were only going to run!

Our flight took off at 6pm.  We flew into Savannah airport and drove to Orlando on Wednesday night.

We didn't stay on Disney this time.  Hubby found a great deal on staying at Westgate Town Center Resort in a studio villa.  It was a nice resort, beautiful property and the room was good enough for us 3.

The next morning, we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  Then we headed to Disney's ESPN Wide World of Sports to pick up our race packets and check out some merch.

Once we were done here, we went back to our resort for some pool time.

It was a beautiful day but the breeze made it a bit too chilly for me, so we didn't stay too long.  We walked back to our room, changed into dry clothes and walked over to the market to grab lunch.
Ofcourse, took a few pics along the way.

After lunch, I went down for a nap and hubby & baby girl went for a ride on the swan paddle boats.

This resort was very nice.  Our room decor could use some updating but overall the place is very nice.

Now it was shower time and time to head over to Disney Springs for some window shopping - and maybe a little bit of real shopping.

Our view from the top level of the Coca-Cola Store

We didn't stay too long since we had to be up at 3:30 am the next morning.  I went straight to bed and knocked out!  I didn't sleep well because I was worried that I wouldn't hear the alarm.  That's all I needed, sleep through the alarm and miss my race! No way!

So I slept as best I could - then it was finally 3:30am.  I got up and started to get ready.  Baby girl had a hard time getting up but eventually she was up and we headed over to Epcot.

It was a bit chilly....

So exciting....there was music, people all around having a great time

hubby had to leave us to find his spot in the spectators section

and we are off......3.1 miles

almost there.....

My video is very shaky, but here we were finishing up our race....Love that feeling when you cross that finish line! 

I was feeling great - we finished 3.1 miles, baby girl had a great first race and our medals are awesome!

We took our pictures, grabbed our water, powerade and snack boxes and headed back to the resort to pack up.

I love these snack boxes.....everything was good and much needed.  I was starving!

Isn't this medal awesome?!?  Love it!!

After we checked out of the Westgate, we went back to Disney Springs for lunch and a little more shopping.

This is on my list of things to ride on our next trip.

T-Rex was going to open in 10 minutes, and we didn't have reservations but I asked if there was any chance of us getting a table.  The hostess was very nice and said we can and put our names on the list.  10 minutes later we were shown to our table.  This was our first time eating here, so baby girl just had to walk around and get some pics of the place!

I waited at the table for my now I was feeling tired, LOL!

Got my Prehistoric Pinnacle.....nice & refreshing drink!

Chicken T-Rexadillas were delish

My Guac-asaurus Burger was also delish....I actually couldn't finish it!

After stuffing our faces, we walked some more...

I had to stop at Ghirardelli's Soda Shop....this has been on my list of to do's for a long time so this was the time! I got the Ocean Beach Sea Salt Caramel Sundae to share with hubby and baby girl got 2 scoops of chocolate chip icecream in a waffle cone.

It was so good, but so much especially after the lunch we just had.  I ate about half of it and hubby has some of mine and some of baby girl's.  He wasn't thrilled with it.

I was stuffed....couldn't even drink water after this.

We made a quick stop at Basin to buy some soaps and then we walked back to the car.

Only 2 days, but it was nice to get away and have a taste of Disney.

Now, I'm ready to plan out my next Run Disney runs.
All 3 of us will be doing the Virtual Shorts....can't wait for that!

Then its planning for more in 2018!
Stay tuned!