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New Week~New Program

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Final Week of Transform 20!

So I've made it to the end of this program and I'm sooooo happy!!  This is the 2nd program that I actually go until the end - even though I took 2 weeks off due to coming down with an awful cold.

My results aren't huge and I really didn't follow the nutrition plan - big FAIL!  But, I did go through a transformation.  Part of Shaun T's message is that this is not just a body transformation but it a transformation of your mind.  Many times we allow our minds to stop us from pushing forward, we give up because our mind tells us we can't.  I pushed through every morning and it wasn't easy because honestly, I don't like working out 6 days a week!  LOL!! Mornings can be rough and having to workout every morning was not easy.  I had to talk to myself every morning - the hardest part was getting out of bed.

I definitely got stronger.  Before Transform 20 I couldn't do any pushups at all, not even on my knees and let's not talk about triceps dips.  Now …

Time for a Road Trip~Day 2

Day 2 of our little getaway started early.  It started with a walk by the water to check out the views.

It was too cold for me

We went to Starbucks first, got our coffee, hot chocolate, pink drink, and breakfast sandwiches.  Once we finished eating we headed to our first stop - The Breakers.

This is the largest of the mansions (or summer cottages like they were called).  I love all of the mansions, but this one is breathtaking.