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Can't Believe She's Done!

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We've Moved!!! Part 2 of our Out of State Adventure!

Part 2 of this journey.......
We arrived back to Jersey on Wednesday.  I had to go work in the office for a few hours and then go home to do some more packing.
I also made plans to visit family since this would be our last few days in New Jersey.  First I went to have dinner with my uncle and family.  It was a great night with lots of laughs and wine....LOL - I paid for that later.

On another morning, we went to have sandwiches at our favorite Cuban shot in Hudson County....La Pola!  There we got our Media Noches and Cuban sodas.  I think we are all going to miss this place but there has to be a place just as good in Miami!

Then on another day, baby girl's friends gave her a going-away party.  It was so nice and they had a great time!!

Finally, since we were in Florida for Father's Day we decided to celebrate this last weekend.
I went to get a cake and pastries from our favorite Italian bakery, Rispoli's.  Another place that I will miss!

The last sunset in our apartment!


We Moved!! Part 1 of this Out of State Adventure!

Hi All!!

So yea, we've moved!  I originally planned to make this a series of posts but things got complicated and I never made time to sit down and journal my days leading up to the big move.  So, I got it all in 2 posts.  Here is part 1.

A little backstory first, I was born in Florida.  Half of my family still lives in Florida while I was living in New Jersey since I was 9 with my mom and her family.  Through the years I always said I would move back to Florida someday.  I graduated High School, got married, had 2 kids and finally.....someday has arrived!  There were many factors that used to keep us in NJ, but it finally came to be that now we didn't have as much keeping us there.  NJ isn't going anywhere, so we will continue to travel there and visit family and friends that still live there, but we decided this wasn't the place for us anymore.  We needed a change!

About 7 months ago we finally made the final decision that we were moving.  We still had the option to …