Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Weekend Trip to Niagara Falls, Canada~Part 2

Here is our 2nd day in Niagara Falls.  We started our morning with breakfast in the hotel restaurant.  After breakfast we headed over to Marineland.  This park was nothing spectacular, but it was a nice little trip.  We saw a dolphin show, saw several other animals, killer whales, fed Beluga whales and rode 1 or 2 rides.  Again, nothing spectacular but it was fun.  A lot of walking, and our favorite part was feeding the beluga whales - they were so cute!
The dolphin show was also fun!  Its been a long time since we've seen dolphins in action.

After all the walking, we were run down and hungry.  We headed back to the hotel to shower and prepare for our dinner at Massimmo's Italian restaurant.  The view was beautiful!  I enjoyed dinner, but hubby and baby girl didn't.  I like to try new things and unfortunately the other 2 don't - and there wasn't much on the menu that they liked.  Baby girl had Ceasar Salad, hubby had Minestrone soup and I had Linguine Carbonara.

When we were done, we headed out to walk around a bit.  We stopped at the Harley Davidson store - always a must wherever we go.  We stopped at the Hershey store and the Coca-Cola store where baby girl and I had ice cream floats.  Then we made our way to watch the Fireworks show.

After the fireworks we stopped at the arcade to play some video games and then headed back to the hotel.  I had to pack up since we were leaving early the next morning.

We were up very early the next day and started our drive back home.  It was quick but a very nice last minute getaway!  

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

June Shopping Haul

Hi everyone! How have you been? Excited for summer? I sure am & last month I made a few shopping trips to get myself new outfits.  Shopping is my therapy but I can’t go crazy because I do have bills to pay so I just go & get new things little by little.  Some things were purchased by hubby, so thanks to his contribution I have some new outfits to workout in.

I didn’t buy anything fancy since I really don’t need anything like that.  I just need new, comfy pieces that I can use in my everyday life. 
My first shopping trip was to Target.  I love Target & right now they have so many cute pieces!   On this trip I found this short set and this strapless one piece. 

Please ignore the mess behind me.....I loved how these outfits fit.  I was surprised because I thought the shorts would be too tight & the romper wasn’t going to look right.  I was so happy to be wrong.

A few days later I went back to target but this time I went looking for bathing suits.  I was looking for 2 piece & high waisted bottoms.  Here is what I found.

I really liked both bottoms but the tops didn’t do much for me.  Now I realize that I still have a lot of weight to lose & I'm working on that but the tops were just too tight & I refuse to buy a bigger size.  Fortunately for me, I already own tons of two piece suits that I can take a top I already own & use it with these bottoms.  Plus, what I really needed was a high waisted bottom & I found 2 that I liked.  The next day I returned the two tops, but I kept the bottoms.  

My next shopping trip wasn’t to a store.  It was online since fabletics was having a great sale, I couldn’t pass it up!  
I ordered new tights, new sports bra & this cute long sleeve yoga top. 

The sports bra or crop top is a bit tight but as I lose weight this will fit better.  I fell in love with the flow top though, it is soooo cute! 

Another sale I came across online was at the Buffbunny website.  Her clothes are so cute but can be pricey so when I saw things on sale, I jumped at the chance to get something new.

I got this black crop top & these berry colored tights.  The top wasn’t bad but the tights were tight! Now, I did order a medium because large was sold out & I can fit into a medium in some other brands so why not?  Well, they were very difficult to put on & I had terrible camel toe (TMI, but gotta be honest here). I kinda wish I would’ve looked for a large but I’ll hold onto these until I can fit in them better. 

Next shopping trip was at Forever 21! This shopping was in the store.  I found so many cute workout clothes at great prices.

The snoopy set is just for lounging around the house but the rest is workout gear.  Everything fit nicely, although once I lose more weight I’ll be happier with how it’ll look.  For now it will do & I’m even more excited about working out since I have new clothes!

Do you get excited to workout when you have new outfits? 

Weekend Trip to Niagara Falls, Canada~Part 2

Here is our 2nd day in Niagara Falls.  We started our morning with breakfast in the hotel restaurant.  After breakfast we headed over to Ma...