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Happy Thanksgiving~Better late than never

Wow, this Thanksgiving really flew by me in a blink of an eye!  So much has happened in just a few weeks, good & bad!  Four days before Thanksgiving, my husband's uncle passed away, and this was really unexpected.  He was like a grandfather to my kids and it was heartbreaking seeing them suffer his loss.  This was the only thing on our minds, but we still managed to push ahead and prepare for Thanksgiving.  My kids love this season, and my son had been looking forward to Thanksgiving turkey all there was no skipping Thanksgiving dinner at my house.

I make the same meal every year, and nobody has any interest in changing the next day, everything is gone!  On the menu: 14 lb. Turkey, Maple glazed ham, mashed potatoes, honey glazed carrots, corn on the cob, and apple pie for dessert!!

I am also very happy to say that I had plenty of help to prepare our Thanksgiving meal.....

After dinner, I settled in my spot on the couch & went shopping :)

Hope you al…

Ending Fall Baseball with a Trip!

Always the best way to end something, if you ask me! Fall baseball was coming to an end, was getting a bit too cold to sit outside and watch these games.  Not to mention the poor kids who freeze while standing out there, actually they probably don't feel it as much-kids will be kids!
Anyway, the coach signed the team up to play in 13u The Walk Off Tournament at Ripken in Aberdeen, MD.  They have been on other trips before, but this place was nothing like the Virginia facilities that we've been to.  All I could say was "Wow!"  I was speechless.....the place was amazing!  To see our kids playing here was truly amazing and a very memorable experience! The kids were super excited!  Their first game was at Ripken Stadium and they couldn't wait to get on that field!

So they won this game & we were off to have lunch and then prepare for the 2nd game!  The 2nd game was played at Yankee Stadium....oh yea-they have replica stadiums here like Fenway, Yanke…

Heading' South

Heading South just not as far as I'd like to go. It's time for my son & teammates to go on their trip...this time we are heading to Cal Ripken in Aberdeen, MD! Should be fun & looks like the weather is going to be good so it'll be great! Nice to getaway even if it's for the weekend!
Bad part of this trip is leaving at 7 & getting stuck in traffic :/ this is horrible!
I'm off for now-can't wait to get down there & go crazy taking pics:)

Wordless Wednesday - snow in Oct

Time to wrap up a Year of Dance

The weekend of October 22nd has got to be the busiest weekend yet!  It actually began on Friday, right after work we had to go to the theatre for rehearsals.  Both my kids take dance classes, my daughter has 8 numbers and my son has 4......we didn't leave until 10:30......I was exhausted, actually I think we all were.
Next day we were up early again & headed up to Rockland, about an hour away, for a double header.  Yes, my son is still playing baseball but its almost over.  Good thing is the weather wasn't bad this weekend, so we enjoyed the day there!  We were back home late in the afternoon and all I could do was prepare for Sunday.  This day was going to be torture!  Don't get me wrong, I love baseball and dance, but when it involves an entire is exhausting.
Sunday morning finally came, and my son had another baseball game.  It was close to home and very early, so I packed up all of the recital stuff and went to watch my son a dress & heels…