Monday, January 31, 2011

Where did the weekend go??

I can't believe that it is Monday! My weekend flew, I don't even remember what we did.

I slept in a bit on Saturday, while my hubby took our son to his baseball practice.  Then we went to Walmart for our usual grocery shopping and then back home to cook and watch movies.  I love spending time with my family this way, its very comfy & warm, especially on a cold winter day.

Sunday was a bit crazier.  My hubby planned on surprising me with my favorite breakfast treat: cheese filled crepes with fruit on top, yum!!  But, unfortunately, we have a bit of an insect problem at the moment & our exterminating solutions are not working as quickly as we would like, he had a couple of disgusting little roaches fall in the batter of the cream cheese.....he was livid!!!  Everything went in the garbage, and he sat down to relieve his anger, frustration & stress with his Call of Duty game on Xbox, oh well.  No crepes for me :(

I got up, made breakfast for all of us and then got dressed and surprised our kids with a trip to the park.

yes, it was loads of fun, I'm glad we took the time to take them!! I hate being cold & hate the snow, but my kids had so much fun that I don't regret the messy slush at the entry of my house later that day!
I have a feeling we will have more times like this since this week we are expecting our 8th storm this year!

Why?! NJ is a target for winter storms this year--I've never seen this much snow or storms come through here, but all we can do is prepare and sit through it all.  My kids, on the other hand, are looking forward to each and every snow fall we get!  Love my kids.....LOL!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stubborn Cats

Well, I've had a good morning so far, just gave my son a small lecture about his grades, AGAIN, but everyone was ready early & got to school at 8 am....perfect!!

I came back home to get my workout out of the way, LOL!! Punched the bag downstairs for a bit...that worked out my arms, then jumped on the treadmill for an hour-walked mostly but jogged for the last 4 minutes. My legs are still a bit sore from yesterday's workout! Then I grabbed my mat & weights! First, worked my arms out with the weights & then down to the floor for ab work.....this is where my cats get annoying!

Each and every time my cat, Andy, sees the mat, he's there! He lies on it, tries to scratch it and stretches, rolls and rubs himself all over it....I mean, really? Doesn't he have other places to do that?  I've given both him and my other cat, Mia, plenty of other toys, blankets and beds of their own. 

Well, Andy insists on beating me to the mat.  I keep getting myself situated and eventually push him out of the way....he has no choice unless he wants to get squished!  So then, you would think he'd just go, not my Andy....he then continues to attack my hair!! Yes, everytime I go up for a crunch, he is there trying to claw my pony tail.

Now I'm finished, and go to the kitchen to clean up the dishes.  Now I have both, Andy and Mia, stalking me!! Don't get me wrong, I love my cats, but I hate when they are on my kitchen  counter and table!! I do clean both constantly, but I just wish they'd stop!! I tap them off, then when I turn around, up the go again!!  Why don't they learn!?! I feel like a broken record with husband says they are stupid, but I beg to differ!  They are just stubborn!! Totally Stubborn!!!

Here are my spoiled, stubborn babies!! Ay....sleeping on my bed instead of theirs......

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let the weekend begin!

It's early, Saturday morning and I'm trying to find the motivation to get on the treadmill to log in atleast 1 mile.  I have to, my weight loss is going great so I can't stop now.  Today is going to be tough on my dedication to my diet!  We have my niece's birthday party, so I'll be surrounded by cake & snacks and who knows what else!!!  I'll have to say NO to everything unless its low or no carb!! How depressing! Although, looking at my weight go down everyday isn't depressing at all......I'll be ready for summer in no time :-D

It feels like its freezing outside, but we'll be braving the cold.  My daughter and son are both very excited to be going to their cousin's house.  They haven't been there in a long time, so yeah, they are ecstatic!!!

So my day will go a little like this: treadmill for 20-30 minutes, breakfast, shower, dress my daughter, dress my self, tell my son to shower when he gets home from baseball, we should all be ready by then, go buy a b-day gift, and head over to Spotswood!

I may not have time to think about vacations or Disney today :(  Which by the way, its all I've been thinking about since watching the live webcast of the Disney Dream Christening event.  I even got to see a reporter's video clip on the Disney dream.  Now I have to save money to get passports for all of us, since none of us has one, then find a date to take a 3 or 4 night cruise to the Bahamas on the Disney Dream---it looks AMAZING!!! I've never been on a cruise & I'm hoping to take my first one with Disney! Yes! I am a disney fanatic....LOL!!!

As soon as hubby gets his vacation dates approved, we will begin planning our trip to Walt Disney World!! The goal this year, is to surprise the kids and go during the Christmas holiday season! We usually go during Spring or Summer, this will be a first for Fall/Winter.  I'm hoping to go the week after Thanksgiving, I can't wait!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Headaches all around...

Yesterday, right after school, my daughter asks to go to grandma's again.  This time I let her, didn't want an episode like the day before plus she didn't have anything other than her homework to do. 6pm it was time for me to head out to my Zumba class, and my husband had left to take our son to baseball practice.  I had cooked dinner, so I took a bowl of food down so my daughter can eat.  Instant frustration came over me when I found her fast 6pm!!!! This is trouble already because when I go to send her to bed later on, she won't be tired.  Now, I'm trying to wake her up and tell her to eat her food.  She keeps turning over and ignoring me, making my frustration grow.  Her grandmother comes in the room to tell me that she had already fed her...OMG!!! So my answer was "fine, just wake her up because she can't be sleeping at this time."

I left to my zumba class really angry and stressed out.  My mother in law knows that I cook for my family everyday--yet she insists on feeding my kids whenever they are in her house....making me have to put food away or just throw it out....its such a waste!

So off to Zumba with my friends, and the class was great---awesome stress reliever!!

Now, I get back home and my daughter is already upstairs with her dad but she still has homework to finish.  It is now 8:30pm, and I serve dinner for all of us, except my daughter since she already ate.  She is so energized now, thanks to the nap she took, that she is bouncing off the walls.  We have to keep yelling at her to sit down to do, my husband's final word to her was "no more going to grandma's until you finish homework and eat dinner with us"---I'm so glad he said it.  I of course repeated it to her, but he said it first---he understands my frustrations!

I don't think this is too much to ask, she needs to do homework first and eat dinner with us--her family!

Is that too much to ask? I think not!

On a more positive note--I lost another 1.3 lbs, putting me a bit under 170lbs....woo-hoo, I'm so happy!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Princess' Tantrum

I am always in total shock on how my 5 year old can go from my sweet little princess to an angry, screaming bratt! Yesterday was like any normal Wednesday, picked up both my kids from school, on the way home I hear the normal bickering among the 2 of them and I hear all about my daughter's day, my son shares his day in bits & pieces....she is definitely more talkative.
Now when we get home is where the mood changes.  She begins with asking if she can stay in her grandmother's house (which is the 1st floor apt). On any other day I would be fine with this, but it is Wednesday and she has ballet, and only has 1 hour to eat and get ready.  The last thing I need is for her to fall asleep....which she usually does when she visits grandma! Here come the tears and screaming.

We get upstairs to our house, and she is still going, stomping her feet, and screaming at me like if I have to listen to her...LOL!! She demands to be taken downstairs, and doesn't want me to dress her for ballet, she wants her grandma to do now I am definitely not allowing her to go anywhere.  This is one thing that she will learn, and that is to respect me now & always--I am MOM, and must listen to me just like she listens to dad!

So now, she hates ballet and even says that I need to go back to work--hahaha, BIG mistake!! I keep dressing her, even though she is crying--then she hears her father coming up, and she stops, just like that!!

Too bad for her, her dad already heard her screaming, so now he tells her how bad she is behaving and that he will not send her to ballet, but she will also lose her games, tv, salsa & hip hop dance classes----so now she starts crying again, and saying that she does like ballet and will go.....yawning in between her screaming!

These are the times that as parents, you really need to sit back and laugh! As the adult, I know she is tired, making her tantrums she eventually apologized and relaxed until it was time to head to dance!

This lasted about 30 minutes, but it exhausted me.  Aside from me being tired already, thanks to my low carb diet, this really wiped me out.

On the other hand, she went off to her dance classes like nothing had ever happened...LOL....a true dramatic little princess!!  I think I really have my hands full with her.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to school!

Well, after having the kids home for a 4-day weekend, I thought going back to school this morning would be easy and non-eventful, but as usual I was wrong.

My son, as usual, leaves his homework to the last minute...with that said, I caught him finishing up spelling homework this morning...not good for him!! Then when I went to print the report he finished last night at 9pm, my printer was out of ink!! Luckily, for him, my old printer still had ink so I had to connect that and print out his report.  Do you have any idea how quickly one's blood pressure will go up in this situation?  I had to punish him, yet again, he knew that I wanted him to finish ALL homework on Friday....he was home all day! I asked him if it was all finished & he answered come Sunday and "oops, I forgot I had to do this report"; come Tuesday morning & "oops, I forgot I had this spelling to do".....really?!?  Impossible that my 12 yr old could have such bad memory...and if he does, I blame his previous obsessive playing time on the XBOX game Call of Duty!! So, again, I have to remind him why all these video games have been taken away.
When my A-B student comes back, then he will get his games back for an hour a day!  I know, I am definitely to blame for not enforcing time limits on video games to begin with, but I'm trying really, really hard to fix things now, even though it has been extremely difficult!!

So......1st day back to school after their small break and they were 10 minutes late....isn't that wonderful!

Now, I'm sitting here with a headache, have lots to do but no motivation to do anything!  On a positive note, I weighed myself and lost 1.3 lbs so I am happy.  Now to work on my grocery list for tomorrow, and attempt to clean out both my son's and daughter's rooms, then to work on my room!  Doing my best to turn my home into a clutter free house......I will need a lot of luck with that one!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Something new.....

I have blogged a bit on Tumblr, but since many of the blogs I like to read are supported by blogger....I have decided to switch over.  I'm still new at this whole blogging thing, but am enjoying it.

 I like to write about my family and things that we may do in our daily lives or when we travel. My daughter is 5 and is in a dancing class which she loves...she also wants to cheer although we haven't started that yet.  My son is 12 and plays baseball for the town and is also in a traveling baseball team..Triple A Baseball.
My husband is a truck driver for a sanitation company and I was a routing coordinator/administrative asst at a trucking company that shut down! So, needless to say, I am currently unemployed.

For now, I take care of my kids and the house, have been thinking of a career change as I keep applying for jobs which have not called.  I think this blog writing will be good for me, especially since I am starting a diet & exercise program, so I can track it here.  I will even be using this blog to write out my ideas for trips & decide which ones to do & which ones to do sometime in the future...and which ones may only stay in my dreams....

I'm sure it will help me, and hope it is fun & entertaining to any readers that come through.  Also, please feel free to comment & give me any ideas & suggestions on any of my topics :-D


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