Back to school!

Well, after having the kids home for a 4-day weekend, I thought going back to school this morning would be easy and non-eventful, but as usual I was wrong.

My son, as usual, leaves his homework to the last minute...with that said, I caught him finishing up spelling homework this morning...not good for him!! Then when I went to print the report he finished last night at 9pm, my printer was out of ink!! Luckily, for him, my old printer still had ink so I had to connect that and print out his report.  Do you have any idea how quickly one's blood pressure will go up in this situation?  I had to punish him, yet again, he knew that I wanted him to finish ALL homework on Friday....he was home all day! I asked him if it was all finished & he answered come Sunday and "oops, I forgot I had to do this report"; come Tuesday morning & "oops, I forgot I had this spelling to do".....really?!?  Impossible that my 12 yr old could have such bad memory...and if he does, I blame his previous obsessive playing time on the XBOX game Call of Duty!! So, again, I have to remind him why all these video games have been taken away.
When my A-B student comes back, then he will get his games back for an hour a day!  I know, I am definitely to blame for not enforcing time limits on video games to begin with, but I'm trying really, really hard to fix things now, even though it has been extremely difficult!!

So......1st day back to school after their small break and they were 10 minutes late....isn't that wonderful!

Now, I'm sitting here with a headache, have lots to do but no motivation to do anything!  On a positive note, I weighed myself and lost 1.3 lbs so I am happy.  Now to work on my grocery list for tomorrow, and attempt to clean out both my son's and daughter's rooms, then to work on my room!  Doing my best to turn my home into a clutter free house......I will need a lot of luck with that one!