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Headaches all around...

Yesterday, right after school, my daughter asks to go to grandma's again.  This time I let her, didn't want an episode like the day before plus she didn't have anything other than her homework to do. 6pm it was time for me to head out to my Zumba class, and my husband had left to take our son to baseball practice.  I had cooked dinner, so I took a bowl of food down so my daughter can eat.  Instant frustration came over me when I found her fast 6pm!!!! This is trouble already because when I go to send her to bed later on, she won't be tired.  Now, I'm trying to wake her up and tell her to eat her food.  She keeps turning over and ignoring me, making my frustration grow.  Her grandmother comes in the room to tell me that she had already fed her...OMG!!! So my answer was "fine, just wake her up because she can't be sleeping at this time."

I left to my zumba class really angry and stressed out.  My mother in law knows that I cook for my family everyday--yet she insists on feeding my kids whenever they are in her house....making me have to put food away or just throw it out....its such a waste!

So off to Zumba with my friends, and the class was great---awesome stress reliever!!

Now, I get back home and my daughter is already upstairs with her dad but she still has homework to finish.  It is now 8:30pm, and I serve dinner for all of us, except my daughter since she already ate.  She is so energized now, thanks to the nap she took, that she is bouncing off the walls.  We have to keep yelling at her to sit down to do, my husband's final word to her was "no more going to grandma's until you finish homework and eat dinner with us"---I'm so glad he said it.  I of course repeated it to her, but he said it first---he understands my frustrations!

I don't think this is too much to ask, she needs to do homework first and eat dinner with us--her family!

Is that too much to ask? I think not!

On a more positive note--I lost another 1.3 lbs, putting me a bit under 170lbs....woo-hoo, I'm so happy!!


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