A Princess' Tantrum

I am always in total shock on how my 5 year old can go from my sweet little princess to an angry, screaming bratt! Yesterday was like any normal Wednesday, picked up both my kids from school, on the way home I hear the normal bickering among the 2 of them and I hear all about my daughter's day, my son shares his day in bits & pieces....she is definitely more talkative.
Now when we get home is where the mood changes.  She begins with asking if she can stay in her grandmother's house (which is the 1st floor apt). On any other day I would be fine with this, but it is Wednesday and she has ballet, and only has 1 hour to eat and get ready.  The last thing I need is for her to fall asleep....which she usually does when she visits grandma! Here come the tears and screaming.

We get upstairs to our house, and she is still going, stomping her feet, and screaming at me like if I have to listen to her...LOL!! She demands to be taken downstairs, and doesn't want me to dress her for ballet, she wants her grandma to do it.....so now I am definitely not allowing her to go anywhere.  This is one thing that she will learn, and that is to respect me now & always--I am MOM, and must listen to me just like she listens to dad!

So now, she hates ballet and even says that I need to go back to work--hahaha, BIG mistake!! I keep dressing her, even though she is crying--then she hears her father coming up, and she stops, just like that!!

Too bad for her, her dad already heard her screaming, so now he tells her how bad she is behaving and that he will not send her to ballet, but she will also lose her games, tv, salsa & hip hop dance classes----so now she starts crying again, and saying that she does like ballet and will go.....yawning in between her screaming!

These are the times that as parents, you really need to sit back and laugh! As the adult, I know she is tired, making her tantrums worse.....so she eventually apologized and relaxed until it was time to head to dance!

This lasted about 30 minutes, but it exhausted me.  Aside from me being tired already, thanks to my low carb diet, this really wiped me out.

On the other hand, she went off to her dance classes like nothing had ever happened...LOL....a true dramatic little princess!!  I think I really have my hands full with her.