Something new.....

I have blogged a bit on Tumblr, but since many of the blogs I like to read are supported by blogger....I have decided to switch over.  I'm still new at this whole blogging thing, but am enjoying it.

 I like to write about my family and things that we may do in our daily lives or when we travel. My daughter is 5 and is in a dancing class which she loves...she also wants to cheer although we haven't started that yet.  My son is 12 and plays baseball for the town and is also in a traveling baseball team..Triple A Baseball.
My husband is a truck driver for a sanitation company and I was a routing coordinator/administrative asst at a trucking company that shut down! So, needless to say, I am currently unemployed.

For now, I take care of my kids and the house, have been thinking of a career change as I keep applying for jobs which have not called.  I think this blog writing will be good for me, especially since I am starting a diet & exercise program, so I can track it here.  I will even be using this blog to write out my ideas for trips & decide which ones to do & which ones to do sometime in the future...and which ones may only stay in my dreams....

I'm sure it will help me, and hope it is fun & entertaining to any readers that come through.  Also, please feel free to comment & give me any ideas & suggestions on any of my topics :-D