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Stubborn Cats

Well, I've had a good morning so far, just gave my son a small lecture about his grades, AGAIN, but everyone was ready early & got to school at 8 am....perfect!!

I came back home to get my workout out of the way, LOL!! Punched the bag downstairs for a bit...that worked out my arms, then jumped on the treadmill for an hour-walked mostly but jogged for the last 4 minutes. My legs are still a bit sore from yesterday's workout! Then I grabbed my mat & weights! First, worked my arms out with the weights & then down to the floor for ab work.....this is where my cats get annoying!

Each and every time my cat, Andy, sees the mat, he's there! He lies on it, tries to scratch it and stretches, rolls and rubs himself all over it....I mean, really? Doesn't he have other places to do that?  I've given both him and my other cat, Mia, plenty of other toys, blankets and beds of their own. 

Well, Andy insists on beating me to the mat.  I keep getting myself situated and eventually push him out of the way....he has no choice unless he wants to get squished!  So then, you would think he'd just go, not my Andy....he then continues to attack my hair!! Yes, everytime I go up for a crunch, he is there trying to claw my pony tail.

Now I'm finished, and go to the kitchen to clean up the dishes.  Now I have both, Andy and Mia, stalking me!! Don't get me wrong, I love my cats, but I hate when they are on my kitchen  counter and table!! I do clean both constantly, but I just wish they'd stop!! I tap them off, then when I turn around, up the go again!!  Why don't they learn!?! I feel like a broken record with husband says they are stupid, but I beg to differ!  They are just stubborn!! Totally Stubborn!!!

Here are my spoiled, stubborn babies!! Ay....sleeping on my bed instead of theirs......


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