Where did the weekend go??

I can't believe that it is Monday! My weekend flew, I don't even remember what we did.

I slept in a bit on Saturday, while my hubby took our son to his baseball practice.  Then we went to Walmart for our usual grocery shopping and then back home to cook and watch movies.  I love spending time with my family this way, its very comfy & warm, especially on a cold winter day.

Sunday was a bit crazier.  My hubby planned on surprising me with my favorite breakfast treat: cheese filled crepes with fruit on top, yum!!  But, unfortunately, we have a bit of an insect problem at the moment & our exterminating solutions are not working as quickly as we would like, he had a couple of disgusting little roaches fall in the batter of the cream cheese.....he was livid!!!  Everything went in the garbage, and he sat down to relieve his anger, frustration & stress with his Call of Duty game on Xbox, oh well.  No crepes for me :(

I got up, made breakfast for all of us and then got dressed and surprised our kids with a trip to the park.

yes, it was loads of fun, I'm glad we took the time to take them!! I hate being cold & hate the snow, but my kids had so much fun that I don't regret the messy slush at the entry of my house later that day!
I have a feeling we will have more times like this since this week we are expecting our 8th storm this year!

Why?! NJ is a target for winter storms this year--I've never seen this much snow or storms come through here, but all we can do is prepare and sit through it all.  My kids, on the other hand, are looking forward to each and every snow fall we get!  Love my kids.....LOL!!