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The packing has begun....

Time to Start!

Its early, kids are already in school and I need to get myself in gear! Gotta eat breakfast first, then I need to clean up, take out my suitcase and start packing...yay!!! Its just a weekend trip so I don't have to pack a whole lot, but have some very important things that I need to make sure I take, so I will have to put together a checklist! I'm having trouble moving, the day is gloomy & dark so I'm in a very lazy mood....but will be making myself move, I have no choice!

This should be a very good baseball weekend!! Yankees open up today, and our boys, Arsenals, play all weekend. Now all that's missing is the good weather.....hope it improves!

Disappointing Weekend

Well, this weekend did not go as originally planned. First off, our trip to Tri-County Sports, in VA, did not happen. This weather has been so insane that our trip had to be rescheduled for next weekend. Virginia got hit with a bad rainstorm a few days before the tournament, so it was best to just move the trip. Now I'm hoping for 60-70 degree weather next week....I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

So, now that we are in town for the weekend, Triple A Arsenals get scheduled to play their opening day game for today. The day was beautiful, a bit chilly in the shade but when you sit under the sun it was great! We were home, so we played at Miller Stadium and we were happy....atleast I was! Game started at noon as scheduled, and then 30 minutes later, everything is ruined by the idiots that run our town's recreation department! We are told that the "proper paperwork" was not filed and therefore our kids were not authorized to play at the stadium. Now that was all…

Spring is in the air.....

The sun is shining bright this morning and I'm feeling really good!! Well, we might get some snow tomorrow morning, but it's nothing major so I'm still very happy. Also, with the arrival of Spring comes baseball and weekend getaways and vacation planning. Our first getaway is coming up, even though it really isn't a relaxing getaway I'm still looking forward to it. My son is in a traveling team, Triple A Arsenals, and they are going to participate in a Spring tournament in Virginia. This is their 2nd trip to Virginia, but the first at this new location. The tournament will be held at TriCounty Sports and we are all looking forward to it. For me, its the first of many weekend escapes from home. I love Spring and Summer and these weekend getaways are great, especially this year since our actual vacation won't be until the end of November. I have several months to get through before our vacation but the wait will be worth it.....I will be planning it in the n…

Value of Life

It really is amazing how much we take for granted. After spending the weekend with not much to do except watch the videos of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, it really makes me extremely happy and grateful that we are all healthy and safe. The worst I've ever experienced was a hurricane as a child, and that wasn't bad at all. I feel horrible for everyone who is suffering and has lost everything over there. It's just awful but I guess that's just life, God & mother nature at work! We never know what tomorrow will bring and this is why we really must value every second of the day that we have with our loved ones!

Now that it is Monday, I can tear myself away from the news since I do have so much housework to do. Of course, it is lunch time already and I've spent most of the morning changing my blog around and reading up on other wonderful blogs that I follow. LOL, so much for getting everything on my list accomplished today.

I'm off now to fold…

Making friends :)

Joined Fab Friday Thursday Blog hop

Almost over!

Well, it is Sunday already.  We didn't do anything interesting at all and the weather has been a bit crazy.  It's nice 1 minute and then its freezing....I can't win!  Yesterday the temperature was 55 degrees, so we went to the flea market to walk around....what a disaster!! It was super windy, my daughter's hoodie kept coming off and her hair was blowing all over the place, as was mine.  What's worse is that there were many vendors that didn't even show up, so there were more people selling their old stuff than there were people selling new stuff! The stand with the churros wasn't even there :/ big dissapointment!!

I spent the rest of the day at home, scanning old pics to preserve them in my hard drive.  This is very time consuming and I went to bed at 11:30 pm, after having 3 Malibu Bay breezes.....buying that malibu rum may have been a mistake...LOL!

Now this morning I had to be up at 7am to get my son & husband up since my son had baseball practice a…

Crazy days.....

If its not one thing, its another, but happy to say that I'm feeling better & have more energy!

Now I need to get the motivation to clean my house & motivate my kids to clean their rooms today since they have 1/2 day and will be here in 10 minutes :)

I'm currently working on getting old photos scanned into my hard drive, its easy but time consuming which then turns to frustration! Along with this project, I am also trying to decide when to go to Disney!! I am very, very excited about this....we are going to Florida for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with family and will have 2 full weeks down there....yay!!! Can't wait!!! So now I just need to decide how many nights to use up at Disney.  This is going to be a surprise for the kids.....they will have no idea until they see us driving into Disney.....will have to remember to have the video camera ready for the reactions!!

This will be our first time going to Disney during the Christmas holiday season, and I for on…