Almost over!

Well, it is Sunday already.  We didn't do anything interesting at all and the weather has been a bit crazy.  It's nice 1 minute and then its freezing....I can't win!  Yesterday the temperature was 55 degrees, so we went to the flea market to walk around....what a disaster!! It was super windy, my daughter's hoodie kept coming off and her hair was blowing all over the place, as was mine.  What's worse is that there were many vendors that didn't even show up, so there were more people selling their old stuff than there were people selling new stuff! The stand with the churros wasn't even there :/ big dissapointment!!

I spent the rest of the day at home, scanning old pics to preserve them in my hard drive.  This is very time consuming and I went to bed at 11:30 pm, after having 3 Malibu Bay breezes.....buying that malibu rum may have been a mistake...LOL!

Now this morning I had to be up at 7am to get my son & husband up since my son had baseball practice at 8am.  His team is preparing for their Virginia tournament which is in 3 weeks.....can't wait, we are so excited!! I wasn't excited about being up at 7am on a Sunday, so after they left I attempted to go back to sleep but ofcourse, my daughter decides she wants to get up....NOW!  She wants milk & pancakes!! Thankfully, I had picked up a tip from a friend about freezing pancakes, so I had made some yesterday & froze the left overs.  All I had to do was heat up 2 of the frozen ones....great tip, very easy & quick breakfast today :-D

The rest of my day will probably consist of sitting here & doing nothing, except for coming up with ideas for lunch & dinner, which I haven't had any luck with yet.  Getting tired of the same old things, plus my hubby & I are dieting so we need to find healthy but filling meals that we like.  Tried mashed cauliflower the other day & it wasn't a success! 

Any meal ideas would be greatly appreciated....LOL, until next time!!


  1. oh man, I totally get where you are coming from on every count...the frozen pancakes are a greast idea...I need to start making triple batches!

    Today, I will be doing nothing but catching up...catching up on laundry, and cleaning the floors and the blog and if I run...I will be a happy girl!


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