Crazy days.....

If its not one thing, its another, but happy to say that I'm feeling better & have more energy!

Now I need to get the motivation to clean my house & motivate my kids to clean their rooms today since they have 1/2 day and will be here in 10 minutes :)

I'm currently working on getting old photos scanned into my hard drive, its easy but time consuming which then turns to frustration! Along with this project, I am also trying to decide when to go to Disney!! I am very, very excited about this....we are going to Florida for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with family and will have 2 full weeks down there....yay!!! Can't wait!!! So now I just need to decide how many nights to use up at Disney.  This is going to be a surprise for the kids.....they will have no idea until they see us driving into Disney.....will have to remember to have the video camera ready for the reactions!!

This will be our first time going to Disney during the Christmas holiday season, and I for one am extremely excited!!!

OK, time to pick up the kiddies........