Spring is in the air.....

The sun is shining bright this morning and I'm feeling really good!! Well, we might get some snow tomorrow morning, but it's nothing major so I'm still very happy. Also, with the arrival of Spring comes baseball and weekend getaways and vacation planning. Our first getaway is coming up, even though it really isn't a relaxing getaway I'm still looking forward to it. My son is in a traveling team, Triple A Arsenals, and they are going to participate in a Spring tournament in Virginia. This is their 2nd trip to Virginia, but the first at this new location. The tournament will be held at TriCounty Sports and we are all looking forward to it. For me, its the first of many weekend escapes from home. I love Spring and Summer and these weekend getaways are great, especially this year since our actual vacation won't be until the end of November. I have several months to get through before our vacation but the wait will be worth it.....I will be planning it in the next couple of months.
Right now I'm just focused on this weekend and getting ready to hit the road on Friday afternoon. As usual, I will have plenty of pictures to share....can't wait!!

Let's just hope our kids make it great and win a game or two!!


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