Value of Life

It really is amazing how much we take for granted. After spending the weekend with not much to do except watch the videos of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, it really makes me extremely happy and grateful that we are all healthy and safe. The worst I've ever experienced was a hurricane as a child, and that wasn't bad at all. I feel horrible for everyone who is suffering and has lost everything over there. It's just awful but I guess that's just life, God & mother nature at work! We never know what tomorrow will bring and this is why we really must value every second of the day that we have with our loved ones!

Now that it is Monday, I can tear myself away from the news since I do have so much housework to do. Of course, it is lunch time already and I've spent most of the morning changing my blog around and reading up on other wonderful blogs that I follow. LOL, so much for getting everything on my list accomplished today.

I'm off now to fold laundry, clean up and whatever else I have time for before my kids get home from school.