The End....

Well its finally Friday night!! My kids are at their dance classes for the next 2-3 hours and I have some time to myself. Normally, this would be the time to spend with my hubby but he's not feeling well and went to it is ME time!!

I started out the week with an agenda to take my kids out everyday. We made it to Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday became cleaning and grocery days! Well, I tried! They did enjoy what we did, and were both very happy about it. As you may have seen from my previous post, we went to see African Cats on Monday. Tuesday was a gorgeous day, so we took a trip to the local farm.

There wasn't much to see. There were few animals, the kids enjoyed looking at them and really got a kick out of the donkey screaming at my daughter! They couldn't stop laughing! Bummer was that there was no fresh produce for me to buy, and it wasn't what my daughter was expecting. So, after looking around and buying 2 tomato plants, we left.

Now, I had looked up nearby zoos the night before and I'm glad I did. 20 minutes from this farm, there was a park with a zoo inside...Van Saun Park Zoo. We went there and when we arrived, I saw a sign that said, "zoo free today", this was a nice surprise. After seeing this, I decided to ride the train first, actually it was my kids' idea, so I bought tickets for that.

After the train ride, which was a nice change of pace, we walked into the zoo. Now I've been to really large zoos before, Bronx Zoo and the Miami Metro Zoo, so this one was really nice since it was small. It fits into 1/2 day trips like this. They had few animals, all of them were animals found in here in the U.S. but the kids loved it. They each had a camera of their own, so this also made it fun! They went around taking their own pictures of the animals.

It was nice and sunny and we really had a good time walking around for a couple hours. We grabbed a couple sodas and stopped at the gift shop for a little treat and we left. We were back home by 2 pm, which was great! Wednesday was supposed to be a rainy day, so I decided to go see another movie. This time they chose Rio, but my son decided to stay home so it turned into a mommy/daughter morning.
The movie was very cute & the music was awesome! My daughter kept dancing in her seat.

The week turned out pretty well, I'm happy that I had the time to spend with them. Even though there were few complaints starting off the days, everyone had fun!

If you'd like to check out the pictures taken at the farm and zoo, I posted them all on my facebook page. Hope you stop by and enjoy!!