Spring Break with the Kids!!!

My kids' spring break started on Thursday, and will go on through all next week. I need to find things to do asap!! LOL, I adore my kids but we'll go nuts being locked up at home all week. So, we need to find inexpensive activities to do everyday this week. One of my ideas is to take them to the Liberty Science center. They also offer a ticket where we can enjoy the museum plus take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. I think both of these would be fun, and they would enjoy it, plus it is educational.

At my daughter's request, I've also been looking for local farms. She is dying to go see farm animals and I think it be great for me since I can pick up some fresh produce. I'm also thinking of going to watch some movies. The movie African Cats looks great!!

So I'm hoping that the weather cooperates with us all next week so we can get out there and enjoy a bit of New Jersey!

Happy Easter everyone!!