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Not so Relaxing Memorial Day Weekend

I've been sitting here all morning, uploading pics and watching tv.....what a waste of a day, LOL! It's been a waste, but I am really tired....this past weekend was anything but relaxing! Normally, we would be on vacation in Florida, but not this year. This year, I didn't want to interfere with my son's baseball schedule, so we have planned our vacations for August and November.

So, for Memorial Day there is a Little League tournament that runs every year and this is the first year that my son participates. 1st game was Thursday night & fortunately they won so they wouldn't have to play again until Sunday morning.
Saturday morning we took advantage of the free time and went to the beach with friends! It was a great time. Nothing to do except lay out, relax & have fun!

Soon it was 2pm and we had to start heading back home. My son had to be back at the Hoboken Little League for a skills competition, so we were out of the beach by 3 and back home by 4! …

30 Day Disney Photo Challenge

Last week I was reading up on some of the Disney blogs I follow, and when I came to A Disney Moms thoughts, I read about the 30 Day Disney Photo challenge. I quickly loved the idea, especially since I had just finished another 30 day challenge on my facebook page.

I just started and have 7 days completed, but here are the first 5:

Day 1, 5/22/11: Day 1: A picture of you at Disney with 10 reasons you’re a Disney lover

1. its the happiest place on earth
2. I feel like a kid each time we go
3.the place has a magic to it, I'm always in a good mood there
4. great place to do everything with your kids
5. attention to detail
6. awesome food
7. epcot's world showcase
8. all of the characters
9. cinderella's castle
10. it's in my homestate-Florida :D

Day 2: 5/23/11: A picture of the character you’re most like

I love Minnie Mouse....she loves taking pics, being with Mickey and arranging parties & spending time with her!!

Day 3 5/24/11: A picture of y…

Fun at the beach!! Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone :)

Busiest Weekend Ever!

I really don't remember ever having to do so much in 2 days! Good thing about the beginning of this weekend was that we didn't have to be up at the crack of dawn, but still, we were up & immediately getting ready for 10am baseball practice. Afterwards, we had to go buy last minute things that my son needed for his wardrobe for Oneida's Dance Studios photo shoot. Both my daughter and son take dance classes here, and this weekend they were taking the pictures that will be in the program that is given out during the recital in October. Now my son takes Salsa, Tango and hip hop, so he needed some last minute items this Saturday as he was due to be at the dance studio at 3! My daughter was invited to a birthday party, which was at the same time that my son was going to be taking his pictures, so unfortunately, I couldn't stay with him. At 3pm, my husband and I dropped our son off at the Dance Studio and went to Bowler City for the birthday party.

The party was fun…

Gloomy Monday

This past weekend wasn't too busy. The weather has been horrible, but my son still had 1 baseball game at our little league on Saturday and 1 game with his traveling team on Sunday. He got a win on Saturday and a loss on Sunday, although Sunday I blame the weather and crappy field they played on.

I also had my 2nd of 4 Burlesque classes on Sunday. This one wasn't bad at all, and it made the afternoon go a bit quicker. After the class, my friend, who drove & is also a mom from 1 of the kids on the traveling team, and I stopped for a bite to eat at the Muscle Maker Grill. The food was good, but a bit pricey, definitely not a place you would eat at everyday. Then it was off to Rockland for the game.

Game was a loss and by the time we got home, I had to find something easy & quick to feed everyone. Thankfully, I had Chef Boyardee cans in the that was our dinner! 2 hours later we were all in bed!

This morning was a bit hectic, since I had an appointment …

What a week!!

It's never an easy task getting my kids back on a regular school schedule after a vacation....even if it was only a week! We were late about 3 times last week, and my house is so disorganized! I'm almost back on track this week, but last week sure was a mess! Good thing was May 5th, Cinco de Mayo!! Now, I'm not Mexican and I have never celebrated this holiday, but we were invited to go out for drinks with some we thought, great, a night out without the kids!!! My husband and I married young, and had our son 3 years later, and we never really went out so now we try to get out any chance we get!
We were headed to a bar called East LA in Hoboken, but the line was out the door!! We kept driving and most of the bars were packed...guess there were lots of people celebrating Cinco de Mayo...LOL!! We ended going to Azucar and I'm glad we did. I had always wanted to try this place out, but my husband is very wary when it comes to trying new restaurants....especi…