Busiest Weekend Ever!

I really don't remember ever having to do so much in 2 days! Good thing about the beginning of this weekend was that we didn't have to be up at the crack of dawn, but still, we were up & immediately getting ready for 10am baseball practice. Afterwards, we had to go buy last minute things that my son needed for his wardrobe for Oneida's Dance Studios photo shoot. Both my daughter and son take dance classes here, and this weekend they were taking the pictures that will be in the program that is given out during the recital in October. Now my son takes Salsa, Tango and hip hop, so he needed some last minute items this Saturday as he was due to be at the dance studio at 3! My daughter was invited to a birthday party, which was at the same time that my son was going to be taking his pictures, so unfortunately, I couldn't stay with him. At 3pm, my husband and I dropped our son off at the Dance Studio and went to Bowler City for the birthday party.

The party was fun, and my daughter loved bowling. LOL, this was her first time bowling and now wants to go back....she really enjoyed herself!

The party was ending around 5:30 so we started heading back to pick up our son. We had to wait a few more minutes, and I was able to see the last pic they took. I loved it, my son looked so handsome!!

After all this we headed to the Little League to clear up a mess, as usual there is always Little League drama in our lives due to so much gossip....all I have to say is Thank God this is my son's last year there!! We were back home by 10 and went straight to bed!

Sunday morning was an early morning, since my son had to be at Miller Stadium at 8am. My daughter had her photo shoot at 10am, so I had to pack everything and take it with me. While I waited for the game to start, I had to do my daughter's hair and make up for the shoot. At 9:30am it was time for me to head out. I wish I could've stayed to watch the double header, especially since my son was pitching, but I had to go.

The photo shoot was good, exhausting and some moms get in the way which delays the photographer, but it was good.

5 hours later, we were on our way back home. I made a quick lunch and we were off again for 7pm All Star baseball practice.....so much baseball!! It never ends, LOL!
We were all back home, finally, at 9pm. Weekends like this make me glad that I am currently unemployed :) I'm not sure how well I would've functioned at work today!