Gloomy Monday

This past weekend wasn't too busy. The weather has been horrible, but my son still had 1 baseball game at our little league on Saturday and 1 game with his traveling team on Sunday. He got a win on Saturday and a loss on Sunday, although Sunday I blame the weather and crappy field they played on.

I also had my 2nd of 4 Burlesque classes on Sunday. This one wasn't bad at all, and it made the afternoon go a bit quicker. After the class, my friend, who drove & is also a mom from 1 of the kids on the traveling team, and I stopped for a bite to eat at the Muscle Maker Grill. The food was good, but a bit pricey, definitely not a place you would eat at everyday. Then it was off to Rockland for the game.

Game was a loss and by the time we got home, I had to find something easy & quick to feed everyone. Thankfully, I had Chef Boyardee cans in the that was our dinner! 2 hours later we were all in bed!

This morning was a bit hectic, since I had an appointment with Weichert Realty. I've always had an interest in real estate but never had the time to look into it. Now I do, so I went and I am convinced that I should try it out. I have to take a 2 week course and then go for my state exam to get licensed. Once I'm licensed, I can interview for a job, so I'm hoping for the best. Another thing I'm looking into is photography. I'll be signing up for an online course with a school that is located in NY. I love photography and hope to someday have my own photography business! Keeping my fingers crossed!