What a week!!

It's never an easy task getting my kids back on a regular school schedule after a vacation....even if it was only a week! We were late about 3 times last week, and my house is so disorganized! I'm almost back on track this week, but last week sure was a mess! Good thing was May 5th, Cinco de Mayo!! Now, I'm not Mexican and I have never celebrated this holiday, but we were invited to go out for drinks with some friends....so we thought, great, a night out without the kids!!! My husband and I married young, and had our son 3 years later, and we never really went out so now we try to get out any chance we get!
We were headed to a bar called East LA in Hoboken, but the line was out the door!! We kept driving and most of the bars were packed...guess there were lots of people celebrating Cinco de Mayo...LOL!! We ended going to Azucar and I'm glad we did. I had always wanted to try this place out, but my husband is very wary when it comes to trying new restaurants....especially Cuban food. You see, we are Cuban so we can be very critical of Cuban food served in restaurants, this doesn't stop me but he hates eating bad cuban food!
We were seated right away, the waiter took a long time getting us our drinks but after we had our drinks, the food came right after & it was delicious!! The servings were huge too!! It was a very nice night out!

Now, fast forward to Saturday---pre-mother's Day!! My wonderful hubby surprised me with a trip to Woodbury Commons to buy me my gift--Oakley sunglasses!! I was a very happy lady....LOL!! Later that night, he also surprised me by going to Best Buy & telling me to pick out a digital camcorder! I was super excited....now I have a nice, compact camcorder for Disney & other things, of course...hehehe!! Now its Sunday..happy Mother's day to me! We were up at 6:30 am to get ready for my son's double header in Morristown!
After my shower, the kids had some gifts of their own to give me. They bought a few little things from their school mother's day sale...very cute & thoughtful of my babies! My daughter even made me a pendant with her thumb print on it & the words "I love you". I really loved all of my gifts.....but it doesn't end here!

My son pitched the first game & he did an incredible job. Game was over in 4 innings because of the 12 run rule! They couldn't get hits off of my son. 2nd game starts and they got a few hits but nothing crazy. The game was getting close, and in the final inning, for the last two outs, guess who the coach brings out....LOL...my son!! He was ready to go! He got the job done...2 outs...game over!! The Arsenals won both games....great mother's day gift for all us moms!!

Now my day doesn't end here! Somehow, I ended up accepting to take a burlesque class...LOL, long story, but I took it! I was very nervous at first, but it turned out that the class wasn't bad at all! It was actually fun!

I had a great Mother's Day this year, spent time with my hubby, kids, friends & my sons team won both of their games....really couldn't ask for more!