Another milestone in this Wonderful, Crazy Life

Its official, my baby girl graduated Kindergarten and will be in 1st grade next year, YAY!!!! It feels as if it were just yesterday when she was born, where has the time gone? It was a really cute ceremony! She wore a pink dress & white sandals which she picked out herself, and she had her graduation hat in gold. All of the kids did a great job at singing their songs & making us laugh. Their teacher really did a great job in arranging this, and she created a beautiful slide show of the pictures that they've taken in school throughout the year. It was great to see the things they do during the school day, I really loved the pictures. She even gave each parent a copy!!

It was a great day and of course I couldn't get through this without at least tearing up a bit....LOL!! I really do cry about anything!! I teared up during the singing, during the slideshow & then when the teacher thanked everyone and said bye to her class!! Her voice broke because she too got sentimental, and this got me as well. God help me when my son graduates 8th grade next year!