Best Father's Day Weekend Ever!!!

First I'd like to wish a Happy Father's Day to all the Great Dads out there and the Moms that are both mom & dad!! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend with their children!

We did enjoy our weekend with our kids & my wonderful husband knew that his Father's Day was going to be a bit crazy, but we didn't know how awesome it would turn out!

Since we knew that Sunday was going to be busy, we had some free time on Saturday so we went to Spring Lake Beach. This was our first time at this beach and it may not be our last. I LOVED it!!! The town is beautiful and the beach was so clean. The only downside is that they don't allow coolers on the beach, and we usually take one to have refreshments and snacks, but we can deal with this. The beach was wonderful!

Sunday was an early start!! My poor hubby was up before any of us & made us all breakfast, LOL, we should've been the ones to make breakfast for him....oh well. We gave him his gifts, then we ate breakfast. Afterwards it was time to get dressed for our friends' daughter's recital in NYC. It was a very cute show, we all enjoyed ourselves....those little girls are so cute :D Then it was back home to change for our son's Championship baseball game!

We drove an hour and a half, to a field that looked like the Field of Dreams, LOL!

We were surrounded by corn fields! Anyway, the game got going and it was scoreless for a few innings! Unfortunately, I have extremely bad memory so I can't give accurate details, but we scored 3 runs and then the other team scored 2.....this is where it became a real nail biting game! Finally, the bottom of the 7th inning (final inning of the game) and the final out was made.....YAY!!!! was jumping all over each other and real reasons to celebrated!!! What a great feeling.....both my husband and I are so proud of my son and all of the kids on the team. All of those early morning practices and hard work paid off, they are champions!!! They beat out 14 teams!!! It was the best Father's Day gift that any father could have received (in my opinion)! I can't speak for all the other dads but I know that my husband was very happy and proud of our son's performance! Every parent and child from Triple A Arsenals left the field extremely happy.....that long drive was worth it!!!