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We are in Florida People

We got into Florida around 10 am yesterday & it was such a great feeling!! The palm trees, the road....everything!!! I just LOVE this state....can't you tell? LOL!!

We had to stop for gas, since my dad's house was still 4 hours away, and we were starving so we also grabbed some Mcdonald's then an hour later had to stop again to use the restroom. At this point we were only about an hour away but my daughter would not have been able to hold it :/ We finally got to my dad's and we didn't waste any time!! My kids were the first ones to change & jump in the pool, then it was my turn. Now, I was only on 2 hrs sleep, but I couldn't just go lay down. I jumped in the pool and commenced to have a great time with my family. I really miss them so much, I wish NJ wasn't so far. I would love to be able to spend every weekend here! Well, I guess this way I really appreciate the family I have :)

My dad had guests over, so we went to sleep at my sister's h…

And we are out!!!

At 7pm we started loading up the car, and by 8 we were on the NJ Turnpike! I'm soooo excited!!! Right now its 2am and we are about to enter North Carolina. Now come the states that take FOREVER to get through, but I'm still happy about being out on the road & heading to sunny Florida!! According to the GPS, our ETA to my dad's house is 3:30 pm....let's hope we don't run into too much traffic.

We'll be stopping soon for our first gas stop, stretching and for me to take over driving! Good times!!!

Vacation is sooooo close :D

Its almost here.....2 days away from getting in our little Jetta & hitting I95 South until we get to Miami, actually West Palm Beach LOL!!

First stop will be my dad's house, where I'm sure my kids will never get out of the pool! Then, 2 days later we'll head down to Miami to see my grandparents. I haven't seen them since 2009 so I'm really looking forward to spending time with them.

So it will be a week full of beach & pool......everything we all love!!! Just wish we had more time.....would've been nice to stay for a month!

No More Little League Baseball.....

It's over, unfortunately it didn't end well. My poor son's All Star season was cut short due to the undisciplined and vulgarity of certain coaches and their assistants. It really is ashame that sometimes parents, who have never caused problems for any coaches or the Little League organization, have to have their buttons pushed so far that they are left with no choice but to pull their son out of the team. He deserves to be there, and we deserve to be their cheering him on, but this is what happens when uneducated and immoral people are allowed to run these programs.

Very, very sad :(

Atleast my son had some reason for celebration....he hit his 1st homerun!!!

Now we get to focus on vacation, and then begin thinking about going back to his travel team and then Babe Ruth in the Spring.

Really looking forward to new beginnings!!!!

30 Day Disney Photo Challenge: Days 21-25

A few weeks ago I was reading up on some of the Disney blogs I follow, and when I came to A Disney Moms thoughts, I read about the 30 Day Disney Photo challenge. I quickly loved the idea, especially since I had just finished another 30 day challenge on my facebook page.

Here are days 21-25, if you missed 16-20 you can see them here,11-15 can be seen here, 6-10 can be seen here, and 1-5 can be seen here.

Day 21: The best place to take a picture at Disney - Anywhere around the castle, I love having the castle in the background!

Day 22: A picture from your favorite Disney movie - Love Lion King

Day 23: A picture of the character you dislike most - this would have to be scar

Day 24: A picture of your favorite Disney-related possession or souvenir - My fave mug, I bought it in May of 2008 in Animal Kingdom

Day 25: A picture of your favorite childhood Disney memory - My first visit to Epcot in 1987 with my sister & grandparents.

That's it for now, I'll have the final 5 in the next fe…