30 Day Disney Photo Challenge: Days 21-25

A few weeks ago I was reading up on some of the Disney blogs I follow, and when I came to A Disney Moms thoughts, I read about the 30 Day Disney Photo challenge. I quickly loved the idea, especially since I had just finished another 30 day challenge on my facebook page.

Here are days 21-25, if you missed 16-20 you can see them here,11-15 can be seen here, 6-10 can be seen here, and 1-5 can be seen here.

Day 21: The best place to take a picture at Disney - Anywhere around the castle, I love having the castle in the background!

Day 22: A picture from your favorite Disney movie - Love Lion King

Day 23: A picture of the character you dislike most - this would have to be scar

Day 24: A picture of your favorite Disney-related possession or souvenir - My fave mug, I bought it in May of 2008 in Animal Kingdom

Day 25: A picture of your favorite childhood Disney memory - My first visit to Epcot in 1987 with my sister & grandparents.

That's it for now, I'll have the final 5 in the next few days.