No More Little League Baseball.....

It's over, unfortunately it didn't end well. My poor son's All Star season was cut short due to the undisciplined and vulgarity of certain coaches and their assistants. It really is ashame that sometimes parents, who have never caused problems for any coaches or the Little League organization, have to have their buttons pushed so far that they are left with no choice but to pull their son out of the team. He deserves to be there, and we deserve to be their cheering him on, but this is what happens when uneducated and immoral people are allowed to run these programs.

Very, very sad :(

Atleast my son had some reason for celebration....he hit his 1st homerun!!!

Now we get to focus on vacation, and then begin thinking about going back to his travel team and then Babe Ruth in the Spring.

Really looking forward to new beginnings!!!!