We are in Florida People

We got into Florida around 10 am yesterday & it was such a great feeling!! The palm trees, the road....everything!!! I just LOVE this state....can't you tell? LOL!!

We had to stop for gas, since my dad's house was still 4 hours away, and we were starving so we also grabbed some Mcdonald's then an hour later had to stop again to use the restroom. At this point we were only about an hour away but my daughter would not have been able to hold it :/ We finally got to my dad's and we didn't waste any time!! My kids were the first ones to change & jump in the pool, then it was my turn. Now, I was only on 2 hrs sleep, but I couldn't just go lay down. I jumped in the pool and commenced to have a great time with my family. I really miss them so much, I wish NJ wasn't so far. I would love to be able to spend every weekend here! Well, I guess this way I really appreciate the family I have :)

My dad had guests over, so we went to sleep at my sister's house, who lives around the block. By the way, I love these homes-not too big, not small & they all have in ground pools...AWESOME!!! We woke up at 9 am, I finally rested, and we got dressed and came back to my dad's. More pool, sun & food! My daughter enjoyed another Happy Birthday & has had a blast playing with her cousin, Alexa.

Now its almost 10pm, and we'll be going back to my sister's house to spend the night because my nephew wants us over, LOL!!

Tomorrow morning we'll be on our way to Hialeah to stay with my grandparents for a few days. I can't way to see them :D

We'll also be hitting the beach and maybe Lion Country Safari!