Florida Family Vacation 08/2011

8 pm was the time we finally got on the NJ turnpike heading to good old Florida!! I was ecstatic, I couldn't even sleep! I worked all day and thought of sleeping a bit, since my husband had finished work earlier & slept during the afternoon. There was nothing I could do to fall asleep, so I tried to take some pictures. It was dark & there was a lightning storm on the horizon, so I tried to get a shot of the lightning.

Not great, but I got something. By 3am my hubby had enough so I took over. I drove until 6am, and I know it was only 3 hours but I was exhausted! I couldn't wait for the sun to rise since I was beginning to see double. I drank a bottle of the 5 hour energy, but that did nothing for me! Finally at 6, we stopped for gas and hubby took over again, and I took more pics:)

We arrived at my dad's house at 2pm. I was so glad to be there :D We changed and jumped right in the pool.

We spent the night at my sister's house, then the next morning we went back to my dad's for more pool time! Sunday night we went back to my sister's and then Monday morning we had breakfast, Kat played with my sis' pet pig-LOL, yes a pet pig-and then we were off to Hialeah to see my grandparents.

This is turning out to be a multiple post trip report, so I've decided to ad links to each post below. Links will become active as I complete each post.

2-South Miami Fun
3-Larios Lunch
4-More Beach & Zoo Trip
5-Back to WPB & goodbyes :(