:( It's Over :'(

Yes, the day I hate the most has arrived!! The day to go back home after a great vacation, its always the worst day of the year. This was even harder for me since I also had to say good bye to my dad, stepmom, grandparents, sisters & niece & nephews...its horrible. Why can't we live closer? I always go through this whenever we visit Florida, and after every trip I always think of ways we could move but in the end, reality slaps me in the face & I realize that we can't live in Florida. Atleast not yet! My hubby hates the heat and it would be almost impossible for him to find a driving job that pays as much as the one he has now. My son would also hate to move now. He has a girlfriend and all of his friends in NJ, so moving to FL now would be disastrous for him, *sigh*! I've gotten used to living in NJ but I really, truly hate it!! I honestly cannot find 1 single thing that I like about NJ. As far as family, I don't have anyone there either, aside from my hubby & kids. My uncle & cousins live there but I only visit a few times a year, so living in FL would be the same as where I'm living now! Oh well! I could only wish that my kids opt for college in Florida so we can follow them there.

Our vacation was great! Lots of family time & to kill a bit of the boredom, we went to a few attractions & the beach. My kids had a blast! At the end of the day, they are the only thing that matters, and I am satisfied with the fact that they had a great time!

Family, Fun & Sun......till next time!!!