Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Beach & Zoo Trip

It is Thursday morning & it is a bittersweet day for me. My first set of goodbye's will begin later today, but we have planned to go back to Hallandale beach & then the Miami Zoo, so I am making the best of it.
We got to the beach early, and I'm glad we did! The ocean was gorgeous!! We were able to swim for a while and we saw small fish swimming by, it was great! Sooooo much better than the Jersey Shore!

I would've taken pics of the small fish too, except the I accidentally broke my waterproof camera a week before vacation :/ just my luck.
After being at the beach for about 3 hours or so, we went to the pool at the Westin Diplomat so the kids can enjoy that a bit, and so I could get dressed for our afternoon trip to the zoo! When we left, we stopped at a local Cuban & Mexican place for lunch. I thought there tacos were good, big & stuffed to the max making them very messy, but they were good!

After lunch we headed to the Miami Zoo, something my husband wasn't thrilled about but still went along with it for the kids' sake :D I adore my hubby, I really do torture him with these trips, knowing how much he hates to be out in the heat! Hehehehe!

I love the flamingos.......

Tigers were up first, and I totally love the white tiger....beautiful!!

Moving on, there were plenty of other animals to see:gators, lions, elephants, monkeys-one who looked like he was posing for the pic,LOL, and many other animals who's names I can't remember.

Its amazing how big this place is! I don't recall going to a zoo bigger than this one, although I may have!

So much to see, we were regretting not renting one of the family bikes they had at the entrance!

It was a great but exhausting day! There were some ugly clouds, but we got very lucky that it didn't pour while we were in the zoo. We headed back to my grandparents' to pack & say goodbye :'( Went back to my dad's to spend our last day of vacation!

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