South Miami Fun

So now we are in Hialeah, and the first day was all family time! My kids & hubby were bored to death, but I was having a great time catching up with my grandparents & uncle & aunt! They really are awesome!
Tuesday morning we were up early--I had an early appointment to meet up with a friend from Jersey and go to the Westin Diplomat Spa for a massage. This was my first time & it was amazing! I have definitely got to go again, it was so relaxing. The place was beautiful too!
While I was getting my massage, my hubby took the kids and went to visit an old friend who had moved into that area many years ago. So when I was finished, he left the kids with me so they can play with my friend's kids and he spent more time with his friend.

After this we went back home & planned out the next day. We decided to buy tickets to some local attractions, we really needed to stay busy. So, I found a great deal online where I paid 1 price and got into 3-4 different places.

Wednesday morning we were up early again, and headed to the Miami Seaquarium. I've been there, but I was a child the last time I went and they've updated the place a bit.

The kids were excited, especially my daughter. She loves all this stuff, LOL! First thing we did was pose for pictures with some locals :)

After these pics, we stopped for a few more & then off to see the first dolphin show!

After this show, we walked to see some more fish, and more fish, and then some manatee & birds, then more fish, some seals, and more fish :)

The manatee were kinda cute....I forgot that we had also seen some turtles & stingrays!

We continued on to see more areas of the park, it wasn't a huge place but under that Florida heat, it was large enough!

After the shark tank we saw alligators & more animals......

Before we saw the seals we were able to catch Lolita & 5 dolphin was lots of fun!

Now its time to feed the sea lions.....

A few more tanks and then it was time to leave & grab some lunch!