Back to WPB & goodbyes :(

After leaving Hialeah, we headed to my sister's house who was making dinner for us.  I cried most of the way to her house, I really hate good-bye's!
We arrived around 8pm and ate dinner, hung out, talked and watched TV until we were tired.  Then we went back to dad's to sleep!  The next morning we were up early and we started getting ready for our final day in Florida.  Today we planned to go to Lion Country Safari! My 3yr old niece, Alexa, decided to come along so Kaitlyn was really happy to be spending the day at the zoo with her cousin!

The first part of Lion Country is a drive-thru safari, and it was a bit boring but funny on certain occasions.  Most of the animals were sleeping but there were a few that would walk right in front of the cars.  The zebras were one set of animals that were really out there! An entire herd crossed in front of the car, so the kids were really excited to see them up close!

After this was over, took about an hour or more, we parked and went inside the park.

Once inside, we bought fish food so the kids could feed the fish.

Then we just followed the path and went to see all the animals in the park.  It was sooo hot that we made several stops at the misting posts....we all needed to get refreshed!

We stopped at the Lory aviary and fed them!  They were soooo cute!! If you had a cup of nectar, they were not shy at all to fly right up to you....but once you ran out, they were done with you....LOL!

Lion country also had giraffe feeding, and we were early so the kids didn't miss out this time :D

The kids had a blast here, this was their first time ever to be so close to a giraffe.

Up next was a snack and some cooling off.....atleast for the girls!

After the fun in the water, we moved on.  We stopped at the petting area and the girls fed and pet the goats!

We moved on and saw the last few animals.  Once we saw all the animals, we headed to the souvenir shop and bought a few things....we can never leave a park or attraction without buying something!

We went back to my dad's to jump in the pool and have some dinner.  We spent the last few hours talking and watching movies until it was time to pack up!  How depressing.....this has got to be the absolute worst part of vacation.

I packed everything up & Laz loaded everything in the car.  I only left out what we needed in the morning.

5am in the morning came way too fast, and we got up, said our good-bye's, I cried some more and we were off!  Got on 95 North, only stopped for bathroom, food & gas and we arrived to the front of our house at 11pm!

We were all exhausted but I think it was a great vacation.....can't wait until the next one :)  which will be here very, very soon, YAY!!

Thanksgiving in Florida.....this should turn out to be even more memorable than the vacation we just took!!