:( Change of plans :'(

:'( Well, it is official.....we have postponed our Disney vacation.  I've been thinking & calculating & thinking but there is no way that we can make it work!  My bright idea of taking a year off from work, instead of looking for something new right away, really hurt us, and now our vacation just can't happen.  No one to blame but myself....so what's new?

Now that I'm done being depressed about not spending a week in Disney, on to other things going on in our crazy lives!

I have 1 week to go before my kids' recital and I still have a few things to get them! Luckily, I finally found a gold dress for my daughter, plus her black shoes(this was the easiest part), now I need to buy her 2 pairs of stockings but this too should be fairly easy.  How can a ballet supply store not have stockings, right? LOL, with my luck, I'll show up & she'll be out of stock in the size I need! 
My son needs to try on his clothing for the show & I'm crossing my fingers & hoping that he hasn't outgrown the hip hop pants! Guess I'll find out tomorrow when I make him try them on.

I've also been on the hunt for Halloween costumes! It seems that none of these stores want to stock a size small of the Monster High Draculara costume....Grrrrr!!! I tried Walmart, Target, Halloween City, party city....I mean really? There are younger girls who love the Monster High dolls & want to dress like them.....all I found was a wig!  So, I now have no choice but to buy it online from costume express and pay for shipping! More $$$ down the drain, but it is only 6.95 so its not terrible.  I had decided to skip Halloween for my hubby and I, but now we are back into it.  We decided that not much $ will go into our costumes so we are trying to put something together.  I just need to buy myself some small things that shouldn't cost much & my costume will be complete! It should be fun, plus it may help us forget about our financial problems....at least for a little while!  The only one left is my son, who as of right now has decided that he does not want to dress up this Halloween....who knows if that will last, we still have 2 weeks for him to change his mind, SMH!

Now after all the Halloween festivities are over, we have to prepare for a weekend at Cal Ripken in Aberdeen for AAA Arsenals baseball tournament!  I'm really looking forward to this, not the spending money part, but the part where the kids get to play at this facility.  We've never been there, but I've seen pictures and the place looks absolutely beautiful!  Can't wait to be there!

Once we get back it will be time to begin preparations for Thanksgiving and Christmas! My, how time is going by.....I feel like we really need to slow down a bit!  

Times are tough, we struggle to make ends meet, and end up having to change plans constantly but I'm always thankful for what we do have....each other! We are together(21 yrs & counting) with 2 wonderful kids, we are all healthy, we may fight sometimes but we really, truly love each other and make it out of everything.  This is just another obstacle that we have faced before, but have gotten through it, and we will get through it again!