October Tradition continues....

I've been so busy between work and my kids' schedules that I have not had much time for anything else, especially writing.  I need quiet time to do this, and it is very hard to come by! We've also been so busy that we had to squeeze in our Fall tradition before a baseball game one Sunday, although the game was eventually cancelled.  The first weekend of every October is our pumpkin picking time....we've been doing this since my son, who is 13 now, was 1.  Our typical spot is Ideal Farms, and here are some pictures of how our day went:

One of my daughters favorite things to do here is to feed the goats!  We can never leave without feeding the goats....oh and buying candy apples & apple pies :)

Hope everyone else enjoyed their Fall activities....I may try to add apple picking to our pumpkin picking next year!