Snow in October?

Well, it seems that we may be getting snow tonight into tomorrow, I think its too early for this!! This is not my favorite weather, I'm already freezing and dealing with several colds! :( I'm sick and so are my kids......seems like this is going to be a long & cold winter....already getting chills just by thinking about it!  So depressing!

Anyhoot, on to other things! If it doesn't snow, we have more baseball games this weekend, and we are approaching our weekend trip to Cal Ripken.  I think it'll be a nice weekend trip for all of us, and the boys always have a blast.  This will be a great end to the baseball season :)

As much as I enjoy watching my son play baseball, and going out every weekend, I really need a break.  It's definitely that time of year where I just want to stay home on the weekends and catch up with everything else in my life.  Not to mention that my house needs major cleaning!  I'll need about 2 weekends at home to fully clean and throw out what isn't needed anymore....its always shocking to me how much crap we accumulate year after year!

Last weekend was extremely busy for us....but I'll save this for another post.  I want to add pics from that weekend-baseball & dance recital-lots of craziness & running around.  I honestly don't know how I got up and went to work Monday morning, more on that later!

My lunch time is over, so back to work I go.....hope everyone has a great day!! :D