Ending Fall Baseball with a Trip!

Always the best way to end something, if you ask me! Fall baseball was coming to an end, finally....it was getting a bit too cold to sit outside and watch these games.  Not to mention the poor kids who freeze while standing out there, actually they probably don't feel it as much-kids will be kids!
Anyway, the coach signed the team up to play in 13u The Walk Off Tournament at Ripken in Aberdeen, MD.  They have been on other trips before, but this place was nothing like the Virginia facilities that we've been to.  All I could say was "Wow!"  I was speechless.....the place was amazing!  To see our kids playing here was truly amazing and a very memorable experience! The kids were super excited!  Their first game was at Ripken Stadium and they couldn't wait to get on that field!

So they won this game & we were off to have lunch and then prepare for the 2nd game!  The 2nd game was played at Yankee Stadium....oh yea-they have replica stadiums here like Fenway, Yankee, Wrigley Field & few others, being a Yankee fan I loved that we played at this field :D
My son pitched this 2nd game & I am always proud of him, but this day I couldn't have been prouder!!! He did an amazing job, and proved so many wrong.....unfortunately those that needed to be proven wrong were not here to witness this but that's okay-I wouldn't want them anywhere near my family-the way news travels in this town, I'm sure they already heard :) He went out there and pitched 9 innings....game was tied 1-1 and finally in the 9th inning we got a hit that brought in a run and that was it....Arsenal wins again!!!

And with this win we went back to the hotel....kids enjoyed the pool, we relaxed & then got ready for dinner!
Before I get into dinner, I do have to say that I was equally impressed by the hotel. It was nothing spectacular, we stayed at the Courtyard Aberdeen at Ripken Stadium, but the decor was all baseball related. Besides that it was right on the property, the view from our room was Ripken Stadium.
View from our room #406

Moving on.....we went to Applebee's for dinner.  It was your typical dinner & I ate way too much!  I was so glad to leave, I was stuffed & exhausted.  I was in bad need of some sleep!
Next day we had another game in the morning, fortunately it wasn't as cold as Saturday and thanks to Daylight Savings, we got an extra hour of sleep when we set our clocks back....I was grateful!!!
This morning game was also won, and this got the team into the semi-finals, where, unfortunately, brought their winning streak to an end!  It was a good game, couple of errors but that's baseball.....8 innings later and they lost!  It was heart breaking but it happens.....at least they walked away with 3 wins....this has been their most successful trip so far!  And they have memories to last a lifetime.....until next time!!