Time to wrap up a Year of Dance

The weekend of October 22nd has got to be the busiest weekend yet!  It actually began on Friday, right after work we had to go to the theatre for rehearsals.  Both my kids take dance classes, my daughter has 8 numbers and my son has 4......we didn't leave until 10:30......I was exhausted, actually I think we all were.
Next day we were up early again & headed up to Rockland, about an hour away, for a double header.  Yes, my son is still playing baseball but its almost over.  Good thing is the weather wasn't bad this weekend, so we enjoyed the day there!  We were back home late in the afternoon and all I could do was prepare for Sunday.  This day was going to be torture!  Don't get me wrong, I love baseball and dance, but when it involves an entire day....it is exhausting.
Sunday morning finally came, and my son had another baseball game.  It was close to home and very early, so I packed up all of the recital stuff and went to watch my son play.....in a dress & heels I might add! Not exactly baseball game attire, but I knew that there would be no time for me to change clothes after the game.
While I watched, I fixed my daughter's hair and her makeup.....then once the game finished, I changed her into her dress.  My son changed in the car.....LOL!!
We grabbed a quick lunch, bought dress socks for my son (somehow this completely slipped my mind) and went to the theatre.
Once there, I went straight to the dressing room to grab my spot.....this place gets crazy with so many moms & girls getting ready in between numbers.....super crazy!!!  I touched up my baby's makeup, she looked gorgeous!!!

She likes this toooooo much, LOL, but its all good!!
My son was easy, he's 13 and his clothing changes weren't too bad! I left my daughter & son at their assigned seats & went to find one for me.  I really wish they had assigned seating for us too....It would make my life so much easier!
Finally the show began and the first hour (or two) were all about graduates, awards and reminiscing about the dance studio's owner's past years! Nice show.....long, but it was nice.....45 years of a successful dance academy and still going!
After my daughter got her award, I met her backstage for her 1st change of clothes.......

I came out just in time to see my son go up and get his medal........

Opening number begins.....The Wizard of Oz & my little duckling was beautiful.  When she came off the stage, I ran back to change her into the next costume.  This is how I spent the rest of the night, from 4pm-9pm, come out to see the show, then run backstage to change my daughter!! EXHAUSTING!!!

Pictures from my son's dances didn't come out great, but here are a few.

I need to save money and get a good camera for events like this!  For now, this is what I got and it isn't terrible!
I was exhausted but I loved every minute of it!  What a show!!!! I was so proud of my kids, they did an amazing job!!! Love my babies :D