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Happy New Year!!!

Wishing everyone a Healthy & Prosperous New Year!!!

As Quickly as it Came, Now it's Gone!!

The day after Christmas is bittersweet for me.  Its a great day to relax, all the stress is gone but now comes the realization that its over :(  My favorite holiday which really came too quickly, at least for me, is now over!  My tree will be up until January 6th but its not the same.  All the gifts have been opened and I'm already looking to put away some of the decor that is around the house.  Depressing.  Now to face several months of very cold & dark winter.

This year's Christmas wasn't crazy and since I'm unemployed, we really had to strap ourselves down so we didn't spend our usual amount on gifts, but I am very happy to say that my kids didn't miss a thing!  They were both very happy with everything they got & didn't ask about things they didn't get!! I was shocked to read about kids going on twitter to complain about their Christmas gifts, which all sounded like great gifts!  Thank God my kids are very grateful for everything they get, …

Wishing You All a Very Merry Christmas!!!!

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Christmas Eve Prep...

I am exhausted!!! For the past 2 days I've been cleaning and baking and prepping for our Christmas Eve meal or Noche Buena as we Cubans call it!  This is a day of family and eating and we usually spend it with other members of our family, but this year its just us! Our little family-my hubby and kids.  Now just because its only us four it doesn't mean we are skimping on the food!  I'm going to have food for the next day or two and for any guests that stop in on Christmas day!  Our meal is the traditional Roast Pork (pernil) with black beans and rice and yucca on the side.  Then for dessert we have cheesecake for my hubby & son, red velvet cake made by my daughter for anyone who wants a bite, pumpkin flan for me and lots of cookies and merengue cookies to last through the week!

The baking started yesterday, and today I seasoned the pork and I just put the black beans in water to soak them overnight!  I'm finished in the kitchen for tonight....Thank God!!!  Now I…

Gymnastics classes

Mondays are very hectic, the weekend is over, take kids to school, clean,cook, pick kids up from school, help with homework and gymnastics class! My daughters already in the second session of the year,and she's still loving every minute of it! She discovered gymnastics when McKenna, American Girl doll of the year 2012, came out. I got her the movie first and then we bought her the doll for her birthday. She wouldn't stop! Every day she would ask me if I had found a gymnastics school, and she would watch the McKenna movie over & over!

Finally in September, I did a search on google and found MGA-Meadowlands Gymnastics Academy-and they were only 30 minutes from home. I quickly called and found the pricing to be reasonable so I signed her up, and here we are 3 months later.

Slowly, she is learning to tumble, do cart wheels and walk the beam, plus she is conquering her fear of heights! I really shouldn't be wasting money on this now, but this is so great for her pl…

Wordless Wednesday ~ Dream

Yeah, I know, I'm late but its been a while since I've joined this blog hop, and I just couldn't let another week go by!  I love sharing my Disney pics and checking out everyone else's Disney here we go!

This week's theme is Dream-I love to dream, LOL!  Going to Disney always feels like a dream and I can't wait until the day I can visit during Christmas!

My baby girl's dream: to dress up like Cinderella at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!  This was a great day!!

Head on over to Focused on the Magic for more Dreams!

Monday-back to menu planning

Well it's Tuesday(I should've wrote this yesterday) & I'm trying to bring some consistency back into our lives. Not sure when or how it happened,but m menu planning & organized schedules went out the window weeks ago! I really haven't been in the right state of mind to sit down & plan our days, but I really need to. Every night it's the same question, what's for dinner? I find myself repeating a lot of our meals and it really gets boring.
I've also strayed from my diet, surprise, surprise. So I am back on today, so my meal planning is really for my family as I'm done with trying to come up with "diet foods" that I can eat. I'm sticking with Smart One's & Lean Cuisine frozen meals until I lose at least 15 lbs! I can't really think of any other way for me, so my cooking is just for hubby & kids! 

Monday: grilled chicken with mashed potatoes
Tuesday: shrimp with rice
Wednesday: pasta with ground beef
Thursday: BBQ …

Craziness in my life!

2 weeks without a single post! Wow, that's terrible!!! LOL, I just cannot find the time these days-between taking kids to school, hubby was on vacation for a week, job-hunting, cooking and stressing out about the lack of money, I just haven't had the time to sit here and write.  I'm going to try now since I have been preparing for Christmas and it really is my favorite time of year.  I put up my tree a few weeks ago and with the tree going up, our Elf on the Shelf-Ken-came back!  Let me tell you that its been a challenge finding a new and creative spot for him every night, and I still have until January 6th!  Reading other people's posts has really given me some ideas and inspiration but its not easy.  I'm even ashamed to admit, but more than once we've woken up to Ken being in the same spot as the day before, oops.....I forgot to move him!

After Christmas I will be putting together a collage of "Ken" pictures for all you to see the many places he'…

A Day of Thanks!!

I've been up since 7:45, put the turkey in at 8 and have been watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in between basting the turkey!  So far its been a great day!

I've also started checking out stores online to catch any good sales.  I'll be attached to my Ipad for the rest of the weekend!  I've given up on the craziness of going out and doing the Black Friday shopping-its just not worth it to me anymore.  I feel like I get better deals online, plus I'm a bit disappointed in seeing how some stores are opening up tonight at 8pm!  I need a job, but I am so glad that I don't work at any of these retailers!  Nobody should be open today....people should be home with their families.  Well, that's my opinion anyway and I definitely will NOT be out shopping at 8pm tonight!

Today is a great day to just be home and be appreciate the Blessings we have.  I hope you are all enjoying your loved ones on this day of thanks!  This year we are going to my sister-in-…

Busy, busy, busy....

I can't believe that I've ignored my blog for over a week!!! I just haven't had much time to sit here and write! So, here is a recap of my past week.....My birthday was last Monday and my hubby had the day off, so after dropping the kids at school, we took a ride to the Woodbury Outlets in NY and he bought my a Michael Kors bag....I've been dying to get one so you can imagine how ecstatic I was!! As soon as I got in the car, I switched everything over to my new MK bag and I'm still using it :D

Later that night, when the kids were home, my daughter wanted to bake me a cake so with my supervision, she did! LOL, it was cute....she loves singing Happy Birthday and will use any excuse to bake! The following week was our typical week, minus baseball....that's pretty much over for the moment.  We also added a new activity to our Sunday skating for my daughter!! I thought it would be great, she would definitely fall but so would other kids, so…

Wordless Wednesday~"Your November Calendar Shot"

My November Calendar Shots need to remind me of Sunny Florida in Disney since it is freezing here already!(in my opinion, lol) Here is a nice quiet, relaxing spot at the Caribbean Beach Resort
Family pic in front of the castle - Love it :)

Thanks to Debs @ Focused on the Magic for hosting!

Keeping Warm with Hot Chocolate!

Well, it seems that winter is beginning to show itself here, and with the Nor'Easter that is headed our way, I don't want to think about the rest of the winter.  Unfortunately, as much as I avoid thinking about it , I can't avoid feeling it.  Going out at 6:30 am is really painful, ugh!  My car can't seem to warm up fast enough!  The only good thing out of the winter is being able to make my grandmother's hot chocolate!!! I love it!! It warms you up with the first sip, but if you are like me, you'll gain 20 pounds with just that first sip--LOL!

I posted a picture on Instagram a few days ago, and one of my followers asked for the recipe.  Now this isn't any 'secret' recipe, but I've never posted any recipes since I'm the one always looking to others for recipes.  After much thought, I decided - why not?  This is really great to enjoy after being outside in the coming inside to a warm cup of hot chocolate!

Now, a warning first: t…

Going back to Normal...Almost

Well, its been a week since Hurricane Sandy and some people and businesses have their power back so some kids have been able to return to school, my daughter included.  This is good, but it was so hard getting up this morning.  We were kind of lucky that my son still didn't have to go to school-he goes back tomorrow-so we didn't have to wake up at 5am.  Instead, my alarm was set for 7 am, my daughter covered her face with her stuffed animal, Nosy!  LOL, she really didn't want to get up, especially when I told her we were walking to school.  Her school is only 3 blocks away, so why lose my parking & waste gas, which is currently limited here in Jersey, to go 3 blocks.  I admit, I wasn't too happy with the walking idea either....its gotten really cold, but it definitely was the better choice.  Tomorrow I will be driving farther to take my son to school, so anyway I can save my gas will have to do!

So now she's in school, my son is studying for 2 upcoming tests an…

Hurricane Havoc!!

Well, I'm finally back to writing....this has been a crazy week so far and we didn't get it as bad as others.  Monday we went out to fill up on gas for our cars and generator, made sure we had enough milk, water & food at home and then we got home & stayed there.  As the night progressed, so did the wind!  It was so bad that our house would shake....I don't remember ever hearing such strong winds.  I do recall going through a hurricane in Florida when I was little, but I don't remember the experience just the preparation.  So yeah, this was a bit scary & our power didn't go out until really late at night.  It would flicker, then be back, then it went out for 5 minutes but came back and a bit later it just went out!  I was already in bed when the power went out completely, but I remember hearing my husband talking and the house being really!! So, I kept sleeping with my kids!  All 3 of us were in our King size bed and slept all night.  My poor…

Wordless Wednesday~The Letter "F"

Fresh Food!

Fishy Friends!
Fun Crafts!
Fun in France
Fun by the Fountain!
Fantastic Fireworks!

Thanks to Debs @ Focused on the Magic for hosting!