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Beauty & the Beast-never gets old!

This weekend has been uneventful! Spent most of the time cleaning the house and organizing. We only got out for my son's baseball try-outs, sponsored by Barry Larkin so it was pretty cool! Aside from meeting a retired major league baseball player, he received a great workout and hopefully will make it to play on this travel team. We have to wait to hear back so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! The only other thing we did this weekend was to take our daughter to see Beauty & the Beast in 3D! She thanked us several times even before the movie started, she was so excited :) The movie was wonderful! I've seen it many times but it really never gets old, I love it! She loved it too, even though this isn't her first time watching it! We both got teary-eyed when the beast was dying, we are such

Starting the Year with a Trip!

It's been a great year so far...only 2 weeks into it but still, its great!

We spent our first weekend of the year in Newport, RI!  I've never been there....actually, I've only gone from NJ to Florida, once to South Carolina, twice to Virginia (for baseball tournaments), and once to Maryland (again for baseball).  So, I am determined to travel more and visit new places.  There are so many places near me that I've never been to, so I plan on visiting many of these places this coming year.

Our trip to Newport was awesome and the weather was amazing!! This was shocking since January in the northeast can be brutal but this year we've had Fall weather--amazing!!
This trip was supposed to be for my hubby, Laz, and I but things got a bit complicated so we brought the kids with us.  I was a bit skeptical in bringing them because there wasn't anything fun for kids planned.....I thought they would be bored to death! Luckily I was wrong!! LOL!
We stayed at the Hyatt Regen…

Wishing Everyone a Happy & Healthy 2012

First off, I would like to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!
I still can't believe that it is 2012 and the Holidays are over.  This Christmas season flew right by me! It was fun, Santa delivered a wonderful Christmas to my kids as usual....hehehe, and we had great times with family and friends!
Here is a little recap of December:

This is it for now, I'm hoping for a lot more in 2012......Good night all!!!!