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Time - Where does it go?

I don't think I ever realized how much time having a full-time job takes away from my personal, daily activities! I was unemployed last year, and I was home for almost a full year.  In this year, I had the time to workout, cook, clean, spend time with my family, and stay up to date on all my favorite tv shows.  Now, I barely have time to cook :/ 
I've tried working out in the morning, but that is a disaster! Waking up at 4:30 am to get atleast a 30 minute workout & try to not make too much noise to disturb my family living downstairs is impossible....mainly the waking up at 4:30am part!!  Then I get home around 5-5:30pm, to change clothes, start cooking - on days we don't rush off to baseball practice - then eat when dinner is ready.  I could try to squeeze in a workout before dinner, but I enjoy eating at the same time my family does, so there goes that time.  Then I've thought of working out 2-3 hrs after dinner, but by that time I'm usually falling asleep o…

Memories made ~ Many more to come!

Well, we are half way through February and we've already taken steps into the unknown.  My son, Chris, has joined a new travel team, the NJ Buzz, since Triple A Arsenals isn't playing this season.  This was a bittersweet decision....although ultimately there was no choice.  Chris wants to keep playing, so his Arsenal coach invited the whole team to try out for a new travel team, but he didn't make it so we kept looking for another team.  We came across the NJ Buzz and were impressed.  Not sure what to expect as far as games go and what the other parents are like, but as far as training goes, it is amazing.  He has 2 practices a week, 1 is the whole team and they do batting, infield/outfield work and work outs, the other practice is just for pitchers and catchers and here he works on his pitching plus gets a great workout.  We are looking forward to this new and unknown step in his life.  It will be good for him, he has met new people and this will hopefully prepare him fo…