Friday, April 27, 2012

Daydreaming @ Work :)

First of all-I'm on my lunch time so daydreaming is allowed!
While I sit here, trying to have my lunch, and write in less than 30 minutes, I can't help but think of something my daughter said to me the other day.  She was telling me how she misses me during the day and she liked when I would pick her up from school.  So she asks why can't I do that anymore, to which I reply, I have to work.  The obvious question of "Why?" comes out and I tell her that I need to work in order to do all the fun, extra curricular activities that we all do...especially them with their baseball & dancing.  So, her response was - "Well, since I'm not shy anymore, how about we go outside, put an empty box on the floor & I'll dance! People will see me performing and will leave money in the box!"  Awwwwww, my eyes teared up instantly! My poor baby, LOL!
Oh, how I wish I could just stop working or have something to be able to work from home-then we'll have the money for all the fun stuff, plus be home to enjoy time with my kids!

Oh well....this is the life of a working mom & it kind of sucks! Atleast for me!

Have a great day everyone, atleast its Friday!!! TGIF!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

2nd & Last Day in VA :)

OK, took me long enough but here goes.......

Not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but this was a spur of the moment trip and wasn't really planned until a week prior. That being said, we didn't want to spend a lot on a hotel room so we found the Econo Lodge in Williamsburg for about $50 per night. The hotel room was clean but nothing impressive. No indoor pool and extremely hard beds :( So, we decided to check out Saturday morning-we had 2 nights in these beds and it was horrible! I really missed my bed!

We were up early since we had to go for breakfast and then get to Lee Hall Mansion for the Easter Egg Hunt! My daughter so super excited!! This is her first egg hunt-I do it at home and its just her & her brother but this time it was her & a ton of other kids! We went for breakfast first at the IHop-typical breakfast & in 30 minutes we were at Lee Hall. There were so many other kids and the people there played there parts well-we had stepped back into the mid-Victorian era! They called out my daughters age group and we started walking-then all of a sudden I see my daughter set off running! I had no clue what happened! LOL, without notice the egg hunt had begun and kids were running all over the place grabbing all the eggs they could find. I was running after my daughter trying to take some pictures, LOL!!

The hunt was over as quickly as it started!  On the way out we saw a little girl, she must have been 2 years old, who was in tears :(  Poor baby didn't get any eggs, each time she went for one, an older kid would grab it!  My daughter, surprisingly, went over to her and gave her 2 of her eggs &  the little girl smiled and thanked her.  The mom thought it was the cutest thing ever!  That was so generous & unselfish of my baby girl to do that, so proud of her :)
Now we are back in the car looking through all the brochures I picked up at the hotel to find something else to do.  Again, we wanted to keep it inexpensive so I came across 2 military museums that were either free of charge and very low charge.

The first stop was at the Virginia War Museum. Admission was only $6 per adult, $4 per child 7-18 and kids under 7 were free....this was GREAT!! $16 for a museum visit that my son was going to love, not to mention daddy would love it too ;)  The museum was full of so many artifacts from previous wars...everything from weapons & uniforms to the vehicles!  My son was in awe!

Right after the picture above, my daughter got sick & I had to run, yes run in this quiet museum, to the bathroom so she could puke in the toilet instead of the floor!  Fortunately, we made it to the bathroom where she let it all out--too many chocolates from the egg hunt :/ 
After that, she drank water & felt better, so we kept going.

The things we saw in here were truly amazing!  Makes want to go back into the history books to refresh my memory, being that I daydreamed through the majority of my history classes!
Next stop was Ft. Eustis Army Transportation Museum.  The admission here was free, but donations were welcome.  When we arrived, I realized we were driving on to a military base! I hadn't realized that this museum was actually on the Ft. Eustis army base, and since it was on the base we had to go through security check!  We all got out of the car, they let my daughter stay in because she was asleep, and they went around the car with metal/bomb detectors!  The guards there were nice, ofcourse the first question was what is the purpose of the visit and the rest was just friendly talk.  They found it amusing we were from Jersey-Do you go to the Jersey Shore?  LOL, yeah we do!!!
After this, we got back in the car and took a 2 minute drive to the museum.  This museum was just as nice, but had so much more!  Again, my son enjoyed every second of it!

All of the vehicles in this museum were used at one point, some have come back from wars and rest here for all to see.  This museum was really educational, as was the VA War Museum, and both really make you appreciate everything our military does to protect our freedom!  This turned out to be a great trip.
I, ofcourse, couldn't walk away without souvenirs, so my son got a t-shirt, my daughter got a pinwheel(had nothing to do with the trip) and I got a pen plus some postcards!
Now it was time to head home.  Stopped for a bite to eat & then began our 6 hour drive back home!
Sleeping in an uncomfortable hotel bed for 2 nights made me appreciate my bed and I was looking forward to getting home & going straight to bed.....which was exactly what happened!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Embracing the Baseball Life

Well, now that Chris is back on the NJ Buzz, we can't complain about him not having enough games :/  If you haven't noticed yet, our lives changes by the minute....he was off the Buzz 2 weeks ago, we signed him up at the WNY Babe Ruth and 2 days after that he was back on the Buzz-this is really exhausting!
So now I'm left with juggling all these games and practices.  This weekend he has a double header today & tomorrow with the Buzz, and right after tomorrow's Buzz game, he is off to Ridgewood for his 1st game with the Spartans!  Due to all of these games he isn't able to make any of the WNY games, but he'll usually play these during the week.  The only time he'll be able to make a weekend game at WNY will be if there are no Buzz or Spartan games......but it seems that from now until mid-summer we will have baseball every weekend!

Always on the go.....that's how we spend our Springs & Summers!!

How about you?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

This is my first ever Ultimate Blog Party and I'm excited to be a part of it.  My name is Grisel and I've been married for 17 years and have 2 beautiful kids!  We are always on the go due to my son's baseball schedule and just recently my daughter's ballet.  Whenever we have time off we try to take trips, even if its just down to the Jersey Shore!

Here is one of my posts about our last vacation in Florida, we go there a lot, LOL: More Beach & Zoo Trip

Well, that's it for now & I'm hoping to meet new people and read some great blogs during this blog party :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Friday in Virginia Beach

After going to bed at 2am, we were up at 8am this morning :/  I thought I was going to sleep more but I guess the excitement was too much--plus the beds were too hard, not a very comfortable night!  Everyone was up, showered & ready for breakfast by 9:30am, so we went looking for a pancake house.  There are so many pancake houses, my hubby wanted Ihop but I wanted some local place - so I remembered that I saw an ad in one of the guide books for the Old Mill House of Waffles & Pancakes!  My choice today, his tomorrow so off to the Old Mill House of Waffles we went!
We walked in and it felt like walking in to somebody's was cozy, but spacious.  The menu had a large selection, making it very difficult for me to decide!  Eggs? Pancakes? Waffles? Frenchtoast? Omelets? Ugh, so much to choose from!  Laz & the kids new what they wanted right away-Virginia ham with eggs for my hubby & son, my daughter wanted french toast & I finally decided on the malt waffle!
The food came out quickly and everything looked great!  Hubby's food & my son's food both came with a biscuit....Laz gave me his since he didn't want it....and I'm so glad he did, it was delicious!!
I'm not 100% sure about anyone else's food, but my malt waffle was heaven!!  It came with a golf-ball size of butter, some of which I had to take off because it was too much for me, then I added the syrup and wow!!  There were no complaints from the kids or hubby so I guess they enjoyed their food too....plates were empty-that's always a good sign!  Gotta have breakfast here again!!  Great food & great prices!
Now off to the Virginia Aquarium!!

This place was huge, but my kids loved it....even though there was the occasional complaint of being tired of walking!

After the aquarium, we drove around for a bit and then parked somewhere by Virginia Beach.  We decided to go for a walk, but it was sooooo cold!!!

After all this we headed back to our hotel, but there was sooo much traffic!  We were also very near where the fighter jet had crashed, so there were some exits closed off.  It was about 6 so we took an exit and stopped at Olive Garden to eat.  Now Olive Garden would be the same anywhere, but this one was huge and the people were so nice!  Our food was amazing-we love Olive Garden-so once we finished we made a quick pitstop at Target and back to our hotel room.
We watched some tv and just relaxed for the rest of the night.....the next morning would also be an early one.  I have a 10am Easter egghunt to get my baby girl to.


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