Embracing the Baseball Life

Well, now that Chris is back on the NJ Buzz, we can't complain about him not having enough games :/  If you haven't noticed yet, our lives changes by the minute....he was off the Buzz 2 weeks ago, we signed him up at the WNY Babe Ruth and 2 days after that he was back on the Buzz-this is really exhausting!
So now I'm left with juggling all these games and practices.  This weekend he has a double header today & tomorrow with the Buzz, and right after tomorrow's Buzz game, he is off to Ridgewood for his 1st game with the Spartans!  Due to all of these games he isn't able to make any of the WNY games, but he'll usually play these during the week.  The only time he'll be able to make a weekend game at WNY will be if there are no Buzz or Spartan games......but it seems that from now until mid-summer we will have baseball every weekend!

Always on the go.....that's how we spend our Springs & Summers!!


How about you?