Start of our weekend!

Well, it's 8pm and we are by exit 4 on the jersey turnpike. According to our gps, we will arrive in Williamsburg, VA by 1am- oh joy! The car ride is a bit hard for me because I don't like to fall asleep but somehow sleep always conquers! I like to stay awake to keep an eye on my hubby & make sure he doesn't fall asleep, but it's so hard to keep myself awake! This trip will be different! I'm up, wide awake & excited to be taking a break from WNY, NJ!
Not sure what we are going to do in Virginia. It's still not warm enough for the beach so I guess we'll be touring some historical sites & checking out the aquarium.
Hoping to also find some Easter egg hunts in Williamsburg, my little girl will be so happy!

Well, gonna read through some magazines & talk to my hubby to keep him to you all later :)