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....and it Continues!

Sunday was another early morning.  Up & out the door for a 9am game, plus the make-up game that was cancelled yesterday.  On the drive we were doubtful that the game would happen since it was cloudy but it really cleared up and the day turned out to be great!  Unfortunately, the games weren't so great.  2 terrible losses, back to back :(

After this we went home to change into our bathing suits & headed to South Jersey to visit my hubby's sister, and take a dip in her pool!!  When we got there, both my kids jumped in but I waited.  My hubby was busy working on his motorcycles, when the food was ready we ate--burgers, macaroni salad, chicken & chips--then the kids went back to the pool, hubby went back to work & I was too tired to do anything so I went inside to watch tv and ended up falling asleep on the couch.  After a little while, I woke up and hubby & the kids were back inside the house.  We stayed here late, but finally went home to go straight to slee…

What a weekend!!!

This past weekend was great for us!! We were all over the place but we had so much fun!
Saturday was the first day of the Bergen County Charity Classic, and my son pitched the first game!  It was great but it was a nail-biter!!  We would score some runs, then the other team would tie it up or come out on the end, the other team got the winning run and our boys just couldn't come up with anymore runs to get the win....oh well, that's baseball!!

After this 8am game, we had several hours to kill.  We headed to Wendy's to eat lunch, then stopped at the mall & with over 2 hours to go, we decided to head home.  At 3pm we were back at the field, only to have to run back into the car after a freak downpour....LOL, it was the wierdest rainstorm I've ever seen here in Jersey!! A wall of rain headed straight for us! LOL, anyway, they closed down the field since more rain and lightning were expected so we left.  On the ride back we decided to jump on the Garden State…

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Let's remember & thank all those who have made and are making the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!  God Bless our veterans & troops!

Another Weekend.....

Yay!!! It's Friday!!! Now, here is where my bubble is burst---no sleeping late this weekend :(  Nope, being that we had no baseball last weekend, where I enjoyed sleeping late, going down the shore & watching PitBull in the KTUphoria concert, this weekend is looking like it will be all baseball.

The Bergen County Charity Classic--games begin at 8am!! This means, that we must all be up at 6am to get ourselves organized, dressed, have breakfast and pack some snacks for the day--it will be a looooong day!!! First game at 8 and the 2nd is at 3 so there is no point in going back home.  We will be out all day, which can be fun but I know that I will be exhausted by the 2nd game!  Sunday will be another early one--another 8 or 9am game!!  LOL, that's my life!! I complain but I really do enjoy the games-I just wish we had some time to enjoy the beach. 

Well, that may happen since Monday will depend on how well the team plays and how far they go-so now we just need to get through S…

Have A Wonderful Mother's Day Everyone!!!!

Is it Friday Yet?

Well, not quite.  It's 12:20 pm, my lunch time is almost over and I'm not ready for it to be over :( Days like these that I start counting down to the weekend.  Fortunately for me--it is almost Friday!

With the weekend coming up, I'm already thinking of what is ahead! :) Baseball, shopping, cleaning, studying and fun with the family.  I do have a lot to do during the weekend, but its all mine!! Especially this weekend, being that its Mother's Day on Sunday-hehehehehe! I plan on doing nothing!! No cooking! No cleaning! Nothing!!!  All I ask for is that my hubby & kids take care of any food prep and clean up afterwards-keeping my fingers crossed that it happens!