Another Weekend.....

Yay!!! It's Friday!!! Now, here is where my bubble is burst---no sleeping late this weekend :(  Nope, being that we had no baseball last weekend, where I enjoyed sleeping late, going down the shore & watching PitBull in the KTUphoria concert, this weekend is looking like it will be all baseball.

The Bergen County Charity Classic--games begin at 8am!! This means, that we must all be up at 6am to get ourselves organized, dressed, have breakfast and pack some snacks for the day--it will be a looooong day!!! First game at 8 and the 2nd is at 3 so there is no point in going back home.  We will be out all day, which can be fun but I know that I will be exhausted by the 2nd game!  Sunday will be another early one--another 8 or 9am game!!  LOL, that's my life!! I complain but I really do enjoy the games-I just wish we had some time to enjoy the beach. 

Well, that may happen since Monday will depend on how well the team plays and how far they go-so now we just need to get through Saturday and Sunday morning!  I wish them a lot of luck and hope they play well!!

This was just the beginning--we'll have more all summer:

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!!!


  1. What an adorable set of pictures. May you havea wonderful Memorial day weekend as well!

  2. Thank you!! Hope you have a great weekend too!!


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