What a weekend!!!

This past weekend was great for us!! We were all over the place but we had so much fun!
Saturday was the first day of the Bergen County Charity Classic, and my son pitched the first game!  It was great but it was a nail-biter!!  We would score some runs, then the other team would tie it up or come out on top....in the end, the other team got the winning run and our boys just couldn't come up with anymore runs to get the win....oh well, that's baseball!!

After this 8am game, we had several hours to kill.  We headed to Wendy's to eat lunch, then stopped at the mall & with over 2 hours to go, we decided to head home.  At 3pm we were back at the field, only to have to run back into the car after a freak downpour....LOL, it was the wierdest rainstorm I've ever seen here in Jersey!! A wall of rain headed straight for us! LOL, anyway, they closed down the field since more rain and lightning were expected so we left.  On the ride back we decided to jump on the Garden State Parkway and head to Seaside Heights!
It was fun!  We walked the whole boardwalk, stopped to play games, ate some pizza and then took some pictures by the beach :D

This was the beginning of a great weekend!!!

More to come.....bye-bye for now.....