A Heavenly Blog.....

In the last few days I have been spending a lot of time online doing various things. Looking for a new job, taking an online course, checking emails, catching up on reading all of the blogs I follow & checking out other blogs that I do not follow.
While doing this, I came across Heavenly Homemakers.  I love reading blogs written by other moms, or dads, which talk about everything about life, from kids, vacations to suggesting new recipes and ideas.  This blog is full of that.  It talks about being a mom, families, struggles, organization ideas, faith & recipes plus much more, I'm sure.  I've only read a few posts, but love it already.
She had a free download, which I absolutely loved being that I love to write everything down on pretty paper, LOL!  These free downloads were for weekly menu planners & matching grocery list.
Here is one:
Summer Menu Planner4

If you'd like to see the other ones, visit Heavenly Homemakers here: New free downloadable menu planners for summertime!

While you are there, you should check out more of her posts.  I thought this blog was a good read with lots of ideas & recipes!