Let the Tears Begin!!!

This much anticipated day has finally arrived and although I am excited & proud of my son, I am also a little sad!  He's been 13 for 9 months but now it has finally hit me that he is a teenager!! A high school freshman in September!!!  Wow!! He was great today...got dressed up without giving me a hard time, took pictures without complaints...didn't smile for all of them but I can't push my luck :)
The graduation was wonderful, and ofcourse, I had to work very hard at fighting back the tears.  One of his classmates sang 'Hero', and she did a beautiful job! What a voice! Thanks to her the tears finally broke through, not much and thankfully I was able to keep it together, LOL.....I am an emotional mess!!  After her wonderful performance they gave out the diplomas & medals.  The girls left the boys in the dust when it came to these awards!  LOL, we kept waiting for any boy to be called but it was all girls, until we got close to the end.  Some boys, including my son, finally got a medal for different areas.  My son received a medal for Christian Character-being very kind and helpful.  Yep, that's my son!!

I also wanted to make a little video of old pictures, something showing my son's life from the day he was born up until now....so now you know I've been crying for most of the day :/ Anyway, here it is-hope you enjoy:


  1. Wow a teenager and high school. I would be crying too. My oldest is almost 11. How is that possible? Congratulations on the award. That is great! http://www.laughwithusblog.com/


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